Saturday, April 18, 2015

Jax's FIRST Baseball Practice!

Jax is officially old enough to play on a local "rec" team.  I am really thankful that Darren is able to spend a little time with his other son :) Switching things up this year... Darren will be assistant coaching Jax's team, instead of Ty's (although he's kind of helping out with Ty's team too).
First things, first.  Coach is giving the team a little talk!
Then, stretching!
Running!!!! My boy's smile is contagious.
Next up, they practiced throwing a baseball up against the fence.
Finally, they each got to bat 5 times and then run the bases.  
I love watching my man in action! He's such an excellent coach!!!!
 Lilah enjoyed playing in the green grass, making "beds" for bugs, with her classmate Rose.
 And blowing dandelions.
It was seriously a GORGEOUS day! I love that we get to enjoy the mountain views while sitting at practices/games.
 It's FINALLY green outside! 
Caught this little guy on camera while watching Jax play!
Time to "PLAY BALL!"


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