Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Party - Part 4 - "Dirty Bunny" Game

Ever heard of the game "Dirty Santa" or "White Elephant"?  Well, I turned the kindergartener's LAST event, at their Spring party, into my own made up version called "Dirty Bunny".  The idea arrived after I had searched for a game they could play and ended up being discontent with the game options I found.  There's ONLY so much musical chairs, hot potato, and "pin the nose, the tail, the ears on the..." that you can take.  In the past, in this class, history has proven that the biggest "rise" and/or thrill comes from PRIZES and GIFTS. So, at the last minute, I decided to go to several local stores and buy 22 of the nicest, but affordable Spring toys, candy, or crafts that I could find. I am thankful for "Class Dixon's" cash donations to make this game even possible.

Here are a few examples of the prizes that I purchased, but to see ALL 22, you will have to view the online photo album at the bottom of this post.
I bagged up each gift in either a white or brown lunch bag.  How would I make the dispersement of gifts fair? 
It quickly came to me.  I found some colorful, Easter egg, clipart on google images.  I needed at least 22 different patterned eggs because that's how many prizes/bags I had.  I printed two copies.  One copy for the bags AND... 
ONE copy for each student!
I stapled a different patterned egg to each bag and the extra set of clipart eggs would be passed out to the students.
I randomly dispersed clipart eggs to each student. Then, one by one, I held up a prize bag. Remember, each prize bag had an egg stapled to it.  Whoever's egg matched the prize bag, in my hand, WON that particular prize. Once each student had a bag, on the count of 3, everyone was allowed to open their prize/gift and THEN... the students could trade prizes/gifts if they so desired. I kept the rules up to the kids because I was concerned that if a child was actually content with their original gift and we stuck to the official rules of "dirty santa" or "white elephant", we'd have many upset 5/6 year olds.  Many children traded, but many children were very happy with their original gift.
To see the prizes/gifts, double click on the Picasa Web photo album below!!! If you are viewing this post from your cell phone or tablet, you may NOT be able to view the album. You need a land line.  The entire class LOVED this.  They were all so excited and so happy to get a prize!! No one was left out. The only area I failed...was at taking pictures. There was a lot going on and the party was quickly coming to a close, so I just simply forgot.  :(

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