Monday, April 27, 2015

Night Owl Party - Agenda - Part 1

A special thank you to my dear friend, Ashely Harris, for always being so generous with her handwriting! Ashely made the agenda sign for me.
I had loads of "plans" for the Night Owl Sleepover party! If they all worked out and happened, GREAT, if NOT, it just meant that the girls were having fun entertaining themselves. I was okay with either, but I didn't want them just walking around the house bored to death, so I made sure to have Plan A in place, just incase their Plan B never evolved.
First Up... "Let's Go To The Movies".  I was so super excited to take not just ONE, but four girls to see Cinderella. I am NOT a movie buff, but I had a huge desire to go see this movie, in the theater, with Lilah. We started the party off by greeting our guests and loading up my van to see Cinderella.  We blasted the music in my van, sang our little hearts out, and then we arrived.  I prepared a few movie theater snacks and we also purchased the largest re-fillable popcorn!
The movie was great! About midway through the movie however, Lilah was getting a little anxious to leave.  She was so excited to have her friends over and to just have fun! We did watch the entire movie though!! It was a tad longer than I had expected, so I could see why Liley was getting antsy.
The next plan, after the movie, was to eat dinner, but naturally, everyone was full. So... Lilah requested to open gifts.  

Lilah's presents were truly her guests presence, but her friends did bless her with some material items.  She couldn't wait to see what they were.
The first gift she opened was from Cami.  Cami bought her a beautiful piece of jewelry, from a downtown jewelry store.  It was a bracelet similar to an Alex and Ani bracelet with her initial dangling from it... a "L". What a special gift that will last literally a lifetime.
 You can tell Lilah really liked it.  
Next up, a gift from Ansley! Ansley bought Lilah her first monogrammed shirt and gave her $6 in cash, since that's the age she was turning.  
Lilah: "You Were 5, And Added 1, Now You Are 6 Let's Have Some Fun! Love, Ansley
Lilah received a gift from daddy.  It was something she had been wanting for weeks and weeks. Darren gave her the "Teen Beach" movie soundtrack.
Taylor gave Lilah a really cool gift.  It was a HUGE scrapbooking set. This is a hobby that Lilah has really been enjoying lately. I don't believe Taylor knew that, but her gift was so appreciated.
I bought Lilah a camping set for her American girl dolls.  I thought it was a perfect gift considering the fact that Lilah and her friends would be "glam camping" later that night!

After Lilah opened her gifts, there was a little bit of time for "Flying Lessons" aka Trampoline Fun! The twins had just recently received a trampoline for their birthday, but being able to share it with friends, other than neighbors, hadn't happened yet. You can see from the photos below, the trampoline provided a ton of laughter and fun! 
Jumping for Joy!
Happiness is jumping on a trampoline!
The girls made up their own games and blasted pop music on a wireless speaker to make these flying lessons that much more fun! I think the party could have ended here and they would have ALL had a blast.
It really brought me joy to see Lilah spend many, many, many hours with several of those special girls in her life.  Being Liley doesn't have a sister, I know the greatest gift she received during her party was the fellowship between these girls. The party agenda didn't end there, but I will have to do these posts in parts otherwise the post will be too long!  Be on the look out for Part 2.

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