Monday, April 27, 2015

Night Owl Party - Agenda - Part 2

After getting out a little extra energy on the trampoline, after sitting and watching a 2 1/2 hour movie, the girls were ready to get beautified.  I had promised to take each of them to get their owl claws groomed aka gel manicures. They were all super excited (especially the older ones).  I was interested to see what colors each of them would choose. 
Taylor carried Liley into the nail salon just like you see above. #meltmyheart.  I know it felt so good for Lilah to have this attention from a few older girls. Notice Lilah is wearing her birthday gift from Cami.  We walked into the nail salon, like a small entourage, and I told the girls to pick out what color they wanted. Lilah had her nails done by Michael and then Liann. Lilah got a french manicure.
Ansley had Diamond do her nails and chose a dark bluish purple color.
They all appeared to be asleep in these photos.  There was a little bit of day dreaming going on, but rest assured they got a second wind.
Taylor got a really beautiful navy blue with an accent sparkle silver nail.
Cami picked out a beautiful lilac color and took my advice to add "fireworks" on top of the lilac.  Fireworks is a very faint pop of glitter, just enough to make it shine.
Lilah asked Liann to do a fun design on her accent nails too! Liann and I have become friends over the last year and she is always so kind to my children, as if they were her own.  I was grateful for her willingness to do the girls' nails on such a busy night. Her shop was packed! 
Pretty Nails!
The girls got their second wind, by coming home and pigging out on their late night owl dinner.  I have already touched on the menu here. And after dinner, they chose to get decked out in glow gear and do what any NON-normal person, with a full tummy, desires to do.... jump on the trampoline... AGAIN!

I had a ton of glow stick accessories for the girls to put on.  Don't you just love Lilah's symbol? Hasn't that symbol appeared in every single post, somehow, in the last 6 months.  LOL!  
I also had glow in the dark balloons.  The balloons had glow sticks in the center! I thought these were perfect night lights for later that evening.
The pictures were definitely difficult to capture.  My camera was trying to adjust to NIGHTTIME jumpers in actions, with glow sticks on.  LOADS of interferences.  LOL!

If you haven't seen the Night Owl Party - Agenda - Part 1, click here and be on the look out for Part 3, soon. Yes...can you believe there is actually MORE to see?!?! I know you just cannot wait. :)

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