Saturday, April 25, 2015

Night Owl Party - Dessert!

The Night Owl Party dessert consisted of cupcakes and a small ice cream "bar".  Being there were only 4 guests, it wasn't really WORTH making cupcakes.  My cupcake recipe makes about 23 cupcakes and I did NOT want to be left with all of those left overs.  So, I went to our popular cupcake bakery...Bubblecake! The server, at Bubblecake, was really kind and accommodating. I wanted the color scheme, of the cupcakes' frosting, to match the party's color scheme, so she had to make me my own cupcake combinations. LOL!  I was able to get a purple, blue, green, and pink frosted cupcake. I also purchased two chocolate flavored cupcakes.  
Of course I couldn't stop there.  I needed the cupcakes to contain something owly and something cheetah like.  If you look at the above photo, you will spot the cheetah cupcake liners.  Again, I almost fell to the floor when I spotted them at JoAnn Fabrics.  It matched perfect with the invitations and pre-party gift's wrapping paper.  
The fondant owls came from a very talented fondant crafter, Shannon Bridger, on Etsy, called Vintage Vanilla Cafe.
If you'd like to have these toppers for your little girl's party, I still have them.  The girls didn't eat them. I'd be happy to resell them to you. Contact me.
I think the cupcakes turned out darling! AND it was really simple: simply buy pre-made, beautiful cupcakes, insert them into the cheetah liner, and top with the adorable fondant owls.
Vanilla Cupcake Cafe also created a number 6 fondant topper, for the birthday girl. Can you tell that she made the topper to look like the cheetah print? I love keeping things consistent with the theme.  
I also provided an ice cream lazy Susan for the girls.  I chose chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and coffee ice cream.  I'll let you guess which flavor was for the adult guest.
The toppings were butterfly gummies.
Colored sprinkles.
Mini Chocolate Chips.
Purple and Pink candies.
Granola pieces.
A party is not a party without cake AND
Ice Cream.
This part of the party was pretty HECTIC. The candles were lit. The memory on my cell phone was limited. It was dark, in the room, per the birthday girl's request, so my camera wouldn't cooperate due to the dark room, the girls wanted dessert and NOW. Ugh... so I don't have a TON of photos for one of the MOST important aspects for the birthday girl's photo album. Enjoy what I was able to capture with all the challenges/barriers.
I don't have any photos of the bigger girls.  :(
Designing their own ice cream sundaes.  
Ansley isn't a HUGE cake fan, but she sure did dig into those cupcakes mighty fast.  
Again, non of my devices were cooperating with me.  So, I was only able to capture some of the guests and Liley's mommy/daddy serenading her with, the "Happy Birthday" song! 

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