Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lilah & Jax Turn 6! (Birthday Morning)

Man O' Day, it is beyond incredible to believe that Lilah and Jax are already 6!!!
I enjoyed decorating the kitchen island for breakfast in honor of their special day!
 Ariel, Rosie, and Chippey arrived sporting their "sweet" birthday attire.
 Since the day the twins were born, Jax has been associated with the color blue...
And Lilah pink!
I'm not going to lie and say that motherhood is a cake walk, but I do recognize these beautiful children as a good and "perfect" gift from God.
I had been collecting birthday items for several months.  The sunglasses I grabbed at the Dollar Tree and those adorable cupcake plates I found at Tuesday Morning.  
 Lilah's gifts and elves!
 Jax's gifts and elf.
 My twins are obsessed with gum, so I was thrilled when I saw this birthday cake gum!
 Another peak/view of the birthday, breakfast "table".
The morning is SO hectic, so I didn't spend a ton of time decorating any other rooms, other than our half bathroom, which the kids use, to potty and brush their teeth, before the bus arrives.
 I used dry erase markers to write birthday messages all over the toilet bowl.  
 Lilah's birthday message was on the seat!
Jax's message was written underneath the seat.  Makes sense for a little boy, huh?  AND BTW, I am mortified for you to see the toilet seat in that condition.  I can reassure you it is a PERMANENT stain.  The toilet bowl was NOT dirty!
And the bowl, had a final message, reminding Jax to not be distracted by the messages, on the toilet, and to "Watch where [he is] peeing!"
Above and below: the birthday boy and girl's breakfast place setting.  
There's my birthday girl!
And my birthday boy!
Jax thoroughly enjoyed the breakfast I made.  I will be doing a separate blog post on what they ate for breakfast.
Before school, I let the kids open ONE gift each.
Jax got a new "comfy" outfit. #nike
Lilah received a new pair of flamingo pajamas and a (3) pack of panties.
Posing before the bus arrives.
I found light up birthday necklaces at Hallmark.
Time really has FLOOOOOWN by! Don't they look so grown up?
Mild and Wild! I'll let you decide for yourself who fits which category!
My handsome bunny!
Adorably cute with lots of spice!
The photo below melts my heart and makes me so happy!
I am very thankful that the Lord has entrusted me with the blessing of raising these twins.  I am also thankful that the Lord gave me TWO babies at once because I doubt I would have EVER tried to conceive for a third time. These children have grown my faith and sanctified me in Christ, in many ways. I try hard to be the best mom I can be, but I know there is definite room for growth.  I am praying that I continue to love this responsibility, more and more, each day, so that I never have regrets when they grow up and move out. Happy, Happy, Happy 6th Birthday to my twinbies! "Two Are Better Than ONE!" :)

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Lilah and Jax :) What a fun and special day!


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