Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Night Owl Party, "Quilted", Paper Bags!

As you saw yesterday, these adorable owl party bags were given out to the guests that will be attending Lilah's birthday party. Here's what you will need to make them:
A lunch bag! 
I used a brown lunch bag, but now that I think about it, a white lunch bag would have been nice too.  AND I had those on hand.  Oh well!  The brown bags were $.39 cents each, from Michael's Crafts.
Patterned Paper.
I guess you could use solid paper too! I spent about 15 minutes ,in the paper aisle, at Michael's Crafts, and selecting patterned papers that color coordinated together.  I cut them in strips about 3 x 12.
 Then, I used my scalloped ruler to created the feathery look.
I used my flower cheese cuter to trace paper, making eyelids/eyelashes.  My circle cutter created the eyes.  I adhered buttons to make the eyes pop out a little more. Finally, I cut a triangle for her nose.  Hot glue everything, on to the bag, the way you like and walaa! She was looking a little plain.  I wanted to attach a hair bow, to her, but I didn't have any I was willing to part with.  I did have 4 daisies left over though, from another project, so I use those instead.
I owl-bsolutely LOVE the outcome! Colorful, girly, and fun!  Inside were 3 "Mix NOT Match" socks from justice, shaped like a cupcake and the party invitation.

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