Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lilah and Jax's Birthday Breakfast!

The BIG 6 Birthday breakfast consisted of (8) mini pancakes and 1 slice of bacon, BOTH, shaped into the number 6.
I thought this looked very plain, so at the last second I added whipped cream and MORE sprinkles.
Instead of syrup, I used a confectionary sugar, frosting recipe.  Basically, add ONE cup of confectionary sugar and, little by little, slowly add/stir in milk or water. I used about 2 tablespoons of a milk/water combo (to create the consistency I wanted), plus 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. If you have CLEAR extract, use that because as you can see, from the photo below, the brown extract turned my "frosting" a brownish color.  +Add sprinkles.  
The morning of their 6th birthday, Darren, Tyson, and I sang to the twins.  Sadie, our pup, was chewing on something that she wasn't supposed to be chewing on, and when it got to the part of the song where you sing, "Happy Birthday to Lilah and Jax", Darren accidentally said, "Happy Birthday to Sadie!" LOL!! Ty said, "Happy Birthday to Chandler!" because Darren had been teasing the twins all week that March 25th was Chandler's birthday, because it is, but it's also the twins' birthday.  So...Ty just carried out the "tease" by wishing Chandler a Happy Birthday, instead his brother and sister. The camera was NOT adjusting, because Lilah insisted that the lights be turned out, hence the reason the video was blurry. It was partially her day, so she got what she asked for, within reason! "Lights off",it was!

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