Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lilah & Jax's Birthday Lunch, Snack, and Class Celebration!

I asked Lilah and Jax what their favorite part about their 6th birthday was, at different times, and they had the same answer... "I love my new iPod, but I really liked when you and daddy came to eat lunch with me, at my school!" So sweet!!  Darren and I met Lilah and Jax for lunch, at their school.  We also pulled TY out of class so he could enjoy the lunch I brought.  
When I greeted them, Jax presented me with a very sweet, handmade card, thanking me for the present we gave him, in the morning, before he left for school.  That kid is beyond amazing.  He did that completely on his own.  He's so grateful.  
Everything I packed for lunch was either new or I dressed it up with fun birthday picks. First up, fresh watermelon: Using my melon baller, I scooped out a ton of fresh watermelon and served it with some fun bento party picks, so they didn't have to use a fork or worse their fingers, to eat it.
I brought fun party hats for the twins to wear.
A fun drink: "Good 2 Grow Juicy Character Water".  Every time we go to the store, Lilah begs for one of these $3 drinks.  I always say "NO!" So I thought it would be special for her to get one on her birthday. 
Goofy Jax with his daddy!
More to drink: mini water bottles.  I made my own water bottle labels, with colored card stock and birthday stickers, from the Dollar Tree.
Main Lunch Item: Their lunch time is at 10:45 a.m., so I couldn't bring them Chick-Fil-A or Pappa John's Pizza.  Instead, I brought a piping hot, Digiorno pizza. I found this birthday embellishment, at our local party store, for $.89 cents.
Dessert: Chewy Chips Ahoy "Birthday Frosting Filled" cookies.
 I inserted a "Happy Birthday" pick into their cookies.
I wanted the twins to feel like it was their birthday, even though they had to go to school that day. Creating a unique and colorful lunch helped!  For their birthday snack, I found a "NEW", Captain Crunch, Sprinkled Donut cereal. 
 I bagged it up and sealed it with a birthday sticker!
 They also had a clementine orange with a birthday pick that I made.
After lunch and snack, they had a birthday celebration with their classmates.  I gave them the choice between cupcakes, donuts, or popsicles.  
 The twins chose Hawaiian Punch Bomb Popsicles.  
 We served the popsicles on birthday plates.  (Lilah)
I couldn't stay for the celebration or of course I would have snapped some photos.  I had a few more birthday details to plan for, as well as, a trip to pack for!  The twins said their peers loved the popsicles though and sang the "Happy Birthday" song to them!

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  1. The picture with Lilah's hand on your face is priceless. Looks like a wonderful birthday for Lilah and Jax!


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