Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"You As A Teacher? Nailed It!"

I'm all about giving "Apples To Teachers", showing them appreciation.  Valentine's Day is definitely a holiday worth showering them with some extra LOVE.  I knew, since Christmas, I wanted to give the teachers Jamberry Nails. I also knew I would package it fairly similar to the ones I gave to my girlfriends for Christmas (here). Clearly, the packaging had to be red or pink in nature! I also felt the gift needed to be accompanied with some Jamberry necessities for application.  The only thing I did not provide is HEAT.  A simple blow dryer will do the trick. I assume every woman owns one.
What's inside that mason jar?  Glad you asked. I'll tell you!
A Nail Kit (From: Five Below)
 Nail Polish Remover (From: Target)
Lotion: "Love & Shine" (From: Bath & Body)
 A Buffer (From: Five Below)
 Nail Scissors (From: Five Below)
 Love Bug Chocolate (from: The Fresh Market)
I love the look of the top of the jar.  I used a heart-shaped doily from the Dollar Tree and added a heart-shaped gem on top of the "O", in the word LOVE!
What do you need to complete the look of the catalog "holder"? I'm glad you asked.  I'll tell you? :)
1. Card Stock Paper
2. Washi Tape
3. A Jamberry Catalog
4. The Label
It's a simple assembly.  Just pretend you are partially wrapping the catalog with the card stock paper.  Use the washi tape to seal.  Insert catalog.
 The front looks pretty, but the back looks a tad sloppy.  It was almost 1:00 am.  I was OVER VALENTINE'S DAY at this point.  LOL! I couldn't worry about another detail!
My favorite jamberry consultant, Kristen Blome, also sent along some jamberry samples for them to try out. Each teacher, Rottkamp and Dixon, will now have the luxury of picking ONE set of Jamberry stickers, as a gift from the Bollings!
Persia Lou designed a new Jamberry label for Valentine's Day with a cute saying that read: "You As A Teacher? Nailed It!!" So, cute! I went ahead and snagged her catchy phrase, but I created my own label! I felt it was a tad easier to read. Feel free to use my free printable, here, if you like it!!! The free label I am offering to you is NOT the same as the one you see in the photo.  I made a special one for you without Lilah and Jaxon's name on it! 

Both teachers have already picked their selections and are really excited to give this "unique gift" a try! I guess I "nailed it" in the gift giving world!

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