Monday, December 29, 2014

Have Yourself A "Mani" Little Christmas!

This year, for Christmas, I wanted my gift giving, to my girlfriends, to be unique and different.  I knew from the moment I started shopping what I wanted to do for them. It actually came to me after going to the "Stocked Market."  A local representative for "Jamberry Nails" had a booth at the Roanoke Civic Center and we were able to see them being applied and thumb through a catalog. Lilah fell in LOVE with them, as they have a children's line, and begged for some.  She had already picked out a "souvenir" from the Stocked Market, so I had to tell her no.

I had originally planned on picking out a pattern/style, of Jamberry nails, that I felt fit each of my girlfriends' personalities. Before I could blink, Christmas arrived, and I ran out of time to place an order. I then considered purchasing gift cards for them, but then I realized I would miss out on their "Buy 3 jamberry nail packs, get 1 free."  SO... it was then that I went on a hunt for a great way to present this gift to my Sensational 6.  

I first checked Pinterest AND as we all know, I didn't have to search anymore. You truly can find anything you need on there. I fell in love, IMMEDIATELY, with the FIRST idea I found. I came across this pin, which led me directly to Persia Lou's blog. "Cute!", I thought.  I couldn't wait to shop and assemble this gift idea.
I found this adorable cardstock at Michael's.  It's a raised dot/brown, paper bag cardstock! 
I didn't have gift cards, like Persia did.  So, I just printed a mock gift card by using a Jamberry image off of google.
After assembling the cardstock paper and mock gift card, all that I had left to do was "wrap" the gift card holder with my favorite color washi tape.
Although it was Christmas, I chose to use a pink patterned washi tape, unlike Persia's Christmas patterned washi tape.
There you have it!!! I loved the way it turned out. I am NEVER usually a fan of completely copying something, but I'll admit, I am not sure I could have come up with a catchier phrase.  
"Have yourself a MANI little Christmas!"
Major props to you Perisa Lou.  
I am so thankful to my sister-in-law who referred me to Kristen.  I am extra thankful for Kristen, who came to my rescue, less than 2 days before our Sensational 6 dinner.  She sent me 7 catalogs, overnight, along with some samples of Jamberry Nails. 
I enclosed the mock gift card with a catalog. Each of my girls are in the process of picking out their favorite pattern as we speak.  There are over 300 different designs.  It will be hard narrowing it down to one.
I used the samples and put them on Lilah's nails the other night.  I LOVE the look of them.  They are so cool even Darren said, "Wow, that is honestly so impressive!"
I am interested to see how long Jamberry nails last on me, verse my gel manicures. I told Darren if it lasts long, I may alternate between manicures and jamberry nails, but Darren said, "Yea but one of the things I LOVE about you getting a mani/pedi is how soft your skin feels after it's complete."  I love that my hubby wants me to get mani/pedis.  LOL!

You should TOTALLY give this gift out to your friends, teachers, or daughters too! I thought of a catchy phrase to use when giving this gift as a thank you to someone...

"MANI thanks for ALL you do!!!" See?!?! I can be created and original too.  Hehe!