Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Friends Are a-MAZE-ing!

Lilah LOVES her friends!!! She is known as "Miss Social Butterfly", in her class, according to her teacher, Ms. Dixon. So it only made sense to create a Valentine for her friends telling them how amazing they are to her.  I went on a hunt for some heart-shaped mazes. Thankfully, I found some at one of my favorite stores, Michael's Crafts.  The cashiers know me by name there.  LOL!  The mazes came in four colors: red, pink, purple, and blue. They were $1.99 for 18 mazes. Of course, I had to buy 2 bags because I needed 3 more mazes, since Class Dixon has 21 students. Ugh! Oh well! I'll use them for some other Valentine project in the future.
The best part about this Valentine is that I figured out how to create my own printables. This project forced to me to learn about dropbox and how to share my printables with my readers. I hope that I no longer have to rely on other bloggers for their printables or worse, purchase printables from Etsy!!!!!!  I LOVE that this Valentine is MY OWN! If you'd like to snag my printable, I have two: My Friends Are a-MAZE-ing!! purple/red and My Friends Are a-MAZE-ing!! Pink/Blue. I am beyond excited about this.  

The directions are SIMPLE, but the Valentine is ADORABLE! Just print the printable, cut it to your desired size, and hot glue your maze to it!
"My Friends Are a-MAZE-ing!"
The angle that I took these photos, it looks as if I didn't properly center my mazes onto the heart, but I did!!! When the card lays flat everything is properly aligned.
I am very content with the way it turned out, but I bet 2 years from now, as I get more and more detailed with my own created printables, I will laugh at myself and the simplicity this one.

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