Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Ty Likes Candaaaaaay!", Not Chocolate.

Sing that title to the tune of the song, "I want candy!" Haha. Ty has been consistent, across the board, since I can remember, HE HATES CHOCOLATE! WHAT?!?!?!?! Yup, and french fries. He's truly not American. I used to joke with people and say, "He likes boogers and broccoli, but hates chocolate and french fries." It was true.  Fortunately, he's grown out of the booger stage and he still likes broccoli.  I feel bad for him on Valentine's Day.  Everyone is getting those adorable heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and he cannot partake in the fun. SO, this year, I decided to find a box of chocolate that fit him well, pull out the chocolate, and replace it with pink/white/red unique candy + cash!  SCORE!!!!
I found the "You're My #1 Draft Pick" heart-shaped box at Wal-mart.  PERFECT!!!!!!! for my little athlete. See, the original box had chocolate enclosed.  
 I removed the chocolate!
Then, I went to the Fresh Market to shop for some unique pink/red/white candies that Tyson doesn't get to enjoy that often: licorice pinwheels, soft chewy peppermints, gummy bears, jelly bellies, bubble gum, and more....
I filled up the empty foil tray with the candy and cash! Ty has been running low on cash, so rather than buy him a bunch of Valentine's Day junk/trinkets I was happy to give him cash instead.
He was super excited! I think when he first saw the box, he thought there was chocolate in it.  He was surprised to find CANDY instead!
A great gift for the #nonchocolatelover

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