Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Puppy Love: Tail Wagging and Licks.

How could we forget our sweet Sadie girl for Valentine's Day?  We can't.  Every Saturday, Sadie has been in training learning to sit, wait, leave it, lay down, walk with her owner instead of dragging her owner, and so much more. After training two Saturdays ago, I let each of the kids pick out a gift for Sadie.  

Liley was a "smart cookie" and picked out her pooch some canine cuisine cookies.  They are peanut butter flavored and certainly look good enough for a human to eat.  I think that's why Lilah chose these.  I think she honestly thought Sadie could share, but that's not happening.  
The next photo is such poor quality :( but below, we are practing our "WAIT" command.  Sadie spots her gourmet cookies and I even placed ONE cookie on a heart-shaped doily and made her "WAIT!"
When I said, "OKAY!", Sadie ran to her sprinkled cookie.  One thing I love about either puppies or female dogs is that they don't just swallow it whole.  They enjoy it!
Jax chose an OWL squeaky toy.  The owl is holding a heart that reads, "Owl Love You Forever!"
 Ty chose a frisbee and how appropriate that it reads, "I [heart] Petsmart!"

I picked out a Valentine colored hoodie!
We allowed Sadie to have TWO cookies.  She chose her SECOND cookie on her own.  She's just like her daddy! She chose the peanut butter one. #shesspoiled

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