Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Blog Has A New Look! (Officially Adsensed).

The "new look" is something I have wrestled with for some time, probably almost a full year, but after talking to several BIG named bloggers, I have been encouraged to sign up for google adsense.  My biggest concern was that the look of my blog would change.  I didnt want it to appear busy, messy, or worse very business like with all of the ads placed throughout the home page. I think I am officially over that fear. Some say, "blogs that have ads seem more legit and professional" aka worth reading. I would have never thought that.  I prefer the look of a clean, precise, fresh screen to stare at.  I have the "less is more" mentality.  So, I will see if adsense benefits my efforts as a blog publisher and if not, then I have the simple option to get rid of it and go to the way things were. It's worth a shot.  SO... I hope the addition of ads, to our blog, does NOT deter you from visiting it.  Instead, I hope you will find the ads to be great resources. I had to apply and wait for approval from Google.  I passed the first and second application process, so tonight is the first night that advertisement has appeared on my blog. Pretty cool! I have LOTS to learn and no time to really be wasting in front of a screen, so bear with me as I make way for a few aesthetic changes. From what google has shared with me, not everyone gets approved. I didn't have to pay anything to have adsense, instead, I will get paid when my loyal readers use the ads as a means to assist them! Moral of the story.... please share my blog with all your besties!!

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