Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Puppy Reveal!!!!

It's the long awaited story about HOW we revealed Sadie to our children.  The night we picked Sadie up, each of our children slept out.  That wasn't the original plan, but we just figured it would be easier to experience our first night, with with a new puppy, without the excitement chaos of three additional children.  The first night went much smoother than I thought it would go.  Sadie woke up, once, at 2:30 a.m. to use the potty, but that was because she hadn't gone from 6:00 pm until 2:30 am.  It was so strange that she held her bladder that long. 

Sunday morning, Darren took care of Sadie, while I drove, from house to house, to pick up the kids.  The first stop, I picked up Lilah from Ansley's home.  Then, I met Jax at Food Lion.  He had slept over at Cohen's house, but being it was a church day, their family was already heading in that direction.  Finally, I picked up Ty from Josh's house.  On the way home, I warned the kids that we were a tad behind our normal church schedule and that it was a special treat to have spent the night out.  I also informed them that their daddy was probably NOT going to be home because he had multi-media, at church.  ALL OF THAT was not meant to be deceitful, rather it was just part of the "plan" to distract their thoughts from anything. They had NO idea that anything was about to go down, but still. 
When I pulled into the garage, Darren ran out of the basement and up to the front door.  We walked in through the garage. Almost immediately, the door bell rang.  ALL THREE KIDS ran to the door.  Lilah looked out the window and saw a picture frame.  Tyson unlocked the door and there sat Sadie, with three pink balloons tied to her collar. 
I had the ENTIRE reaction on video. From Lilah, it was the MOST PRECIOUS, TEAR JERKING, INCREDIBLY, HIGH PITCH, INTENSE reaction that ANY PARENT could envision. The reaction was so touching. You seriously would have thought that Lilah was trying out to be on broadway, but it was completely GENUINE.  Can you believe that I accidentally deleted the video immediately after capturing it all?!?!?!  I was so SICK OVER deleting the video, that I could barely enjoy the entire moment. Darren said, "Man, I'm not kidding you, that would have totally went viral." The photos I have aren't what I wish I could be sharing either.  To make matters even worse, being I was filming and taking pictures ALL AT THE SAME TIME, I also didn't realize that the pictures I was taking were OVER EXPOSED because my camera's ISO was set too high.  Sigh.... I guess capturing the moment wasn't meant for anyone BUT our sweet family of 5. The reaction even brought me to sincere crocodile tears and I NEVER CRY!!!!!  BUT envision this...
After Tyson opened the door, Lilah saw Sadie and said, in the most HIGH PITCHED VOICE, "A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR ME?!?!?!?!?!"  She knelt down and gave Sadie a huge hug and started uncontrollably crying. I'm talking SOBBING crying.  I think we all thought she was laughing at first, but once Ty realized she was sobbing, he said, "Mom she's crying!" Then, Lilah got up, walked over to Darren, leaving the puppy behind and jumped into her daddy's arms and continued to sob, and said, "Thank you daddy! Thank you!!!!!!" The tears almost sounded like she was mourning over a death, that's how sappy, passionate, and tender it was.  She just couldn't believe that we bought them a puppy.  The story line doesn't even give what actually happened ANY justice.  I COULD NOT have planned a better reaction!!! The photo below is HORRIBLE, but it can sorta proof HOW thankful Lilah was. She left her new puppy to shower her daddy with LOVE.  Look at her feet on top of his.
The kids brought her inside and ran around after her. Sadie seemed so happy too!  
Smiles G-A-L-O-R-E!
 Then, they bundled up, ran like crazy outside, as Sadie chased and jumped on them.  
Evidence of a puppy, in the Bolling home, is MORE than evident.  She has truly filled up our lives with much more excitement, entertainment, and love. WE HAVE NO REGRETS, AT ALL!

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