Friday, February 6, 2015

Evidence Of Dog!

IF you've visited our house, our blog, and our instagram account in the last month, there is, for sure, evidence of a cute, little doggie in our home.  For those considering a puppy, yet feeling slightly overwhelmed, I plan to do a post on all of the "needs", "wants", and "loves" must haves for any new puppy. For now, enjoy the proof of purchase :)
(Above) Jax did a written assignment, in class, and that's what he wrote.  I think it's safe to assume he meant puppy and not poopie.  Hehe.
Did you know, a puppy sleeps an average of 16 hours a day?

Dog Food!! To date, our girl is eating 2 cups of puppy chow, 3 times a day! Normally, 5:00 am, 11:00 am, and 4:30 pm.  

Above: Sadie found the roll of toilet paper, dragged it out to the living room, and got to "work".  Honestly, it was too cute NOT to laugh at.  Below: The Monday, after we got Sadie, the kids ran off the bus to greet her. I'm officially chopped liver.  
  I feel like we now live the typical American life...Captain Crunch cereal, pringles, and dog food reside in our pantry.  

I cannot take the cuteness.  She's already gotten so much bigger since this photo.  It sorta makes me sad!

Treats!!! A special thanks to my bff Ashely for the use of her handwriting!

Pretty girl has to dress up.  It's definitely been sweater weather lately!
Ruff Day?
I was apparently bothering her sleep while snapping these photos.  She moved, but only enough to put her paws over her eyes.  
These pictures are SOOOOOOO funny to me.  She was really trying to give me some "subtle" hints.
I try to take Sadie on a one mile walk, per day, unless it's brutally cold.  The first 10 minutes, Sadie refuses to walk.  I pretty much have to carry her, choke her, or drag her on the leash.  The trainer says it will get better.  Apparently, she's just a little timid of our big world. The last 10 minutes, she runs.  She loves it!!!!
Last Saturday, the kids and I had "MOVIE NIGHT". Sadie, for sure, joined us.  I thought this was such a sweet picture to capture. Can you spot her?  She fits right in.  Apparently, she was much more interested in the camera than the movie. Such a ham!
Sadie is definitely a "PAW-t" of our family!
When we first got Sadie, I had her upstairs with me, as I did laundry.  She roamed into Lilah's room and spotted our hamster, "Baby Girl".  This video shows a very brave hamster and a very instinctual puppy in action.  

On another Saturday night, "THE GIRLS" watched a movie together and we each had our own bowl of dessert.  Lilah and I had chocolate ice cream with peanut butter on top.  Sadie just had a bowl of puppy peanut butter by KONG!
Reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, music, and PE...4th grade never tasted so good.  This is what Sadie thought of Ty's straight AAAAAAAAAs.  Way to go TY!
Jax came home early, one day, from school because of an injury to his eye.  LOL! So we took Sadie girl to Greenhill Park. She LOVED the water, so she will definitely be welcomed to join us on our beach vacations.
The twins and Sadie experienced their FIRST car ride together.  The twins thought it was so cool.  Lilah tried to share her sunglasses.
A little snow flurries allowed Sadie to make her MARK on our sidewalk! I wish I could have captured some yellow snow.  HEHE!
Man's boy's best friend!
Sleeping again... As she sports a dog collar from Martha Stewart!
While putting groceries away, from Sam's Club, I kept Sadie occupied by allowing her to destroy an empty box that was once filled with pistachios.  

Ty and Jax took a walk to Jake's home to show off Sadie. Jake LOVED her.
I think it's so funny to watch a dog chase their tail and vacuum.  Have you ever seen a pup so passionate about barking at a remote control car?

Even Sadie's food/water bowls are decorated for Valentine's Day!!!
There you have it! Sadie girl is a permanent part of our lives now.  You have seen all of the signs! She's one lucky pup!

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