Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Adult Girly Fun!

The "Sensational 6" got together for our February birthday celebrations. Erin turns 32 and I turn 38. We had a scrumptious dinner at my favorite restaurant, Carrabba's Italian Grill, and then we came back to my house to apply our Jamberry nails. For Christmas I purchased each gal their own favorite jamberry patterned nail.  My nails had a, less than 7 day old, gel manicure, so I didn't apply my jamberry nails just yet. I had a relaxing time, however, watching each of them give themselves a flashy manicure. I'm taking bets on who's nails will last the longest.  From top to bottom is the list of who's I think will fall off first.  
Ashely -1st
Shannon -2nd
Erin - 3rd (this girl was being silly as I snapped away... she should know better.) Hehe
Jody - 4th
Lisa - 5th
We shall see if I am correct.  I am basing this on the quantity of time each lady took to carefully or not carefully apply them. How much they use their hands.  And whether or not a manicure is really of any value to them on a regular basis.   

The night ended at midnight. Eeeeek!!!! I am pretty darn tired today, but it was fun! Thanks girls for my amazing gifts too.  I cannot wait to pick out a new Alex and Ani bracelet, with my gift card.  

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