Thursday, February 26, 2015

Officially "Mom Central" Approved!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the "welcoming" into the family of Mom Central immediately via Google!  You will notice the addition of Mom Central's badge on the right hand side of my blog's home page. Click on it to learn more about what Mom Central is all about. Their motto: "Engaging and helping influential moms build their platform and increase their influence to support the brands they love!" WOW! I am officially a part of a blogging community that will be influencing others to love the brands I love.  

A few weeks ago, my favorite blogger, Jill Dubien, at MeetTheDubiens began sharing some of her beginnings with me.  She was sharing with me, after she received a recent email I sent to her, congratulating her on her BIGGEST and latest gig with NETFLIX.  Now that's HUGE! Jill lives in Canada. Here is a small excerpt from her email, 
The only company I work for that I didn't wait for them to contact me is Mom Central Canada. I'm sure they have a similar program in the U.S. Basically, they send out emails a few times a month for collaborations with certain brands.  Generally you have to write a post about that brand, test out their product, make a recipe etc.  You apply to be considered for each post and then they contact you if you are successful.  They pay you about $-.-- a post and you also get free products to try out.  I've done loads of campaigns with them and have gotten some cool stuff to try out - I'm getting a new refrigerator this month! Through them, I've worked with big names such as Campbell's, General Mils, Rubbermaid, Fisher Price, Hasbro, Fridgidaire, and more!
She encouraged me to look for Mom Central in the U.S.  I wasted NO TIME and located a U.S. Mom Central.  There is an application process for bloggers. Not all bloggers are approved and welcomed into their blogging community. To be totally honest, I forgot that I applied because there has been so much going on in our lives: snow, delays, snow, delays, snow, more delays and SICK KIDS! While out with the kids today, I checked my inbox and came across an email with the title, "CONGRATULATIONS! PLEASE READ! IMPORTANT INFO!" I almost pressed DELETE.  I get so much SPAM it's unreal.  I am so glad I didn't because had I deleted it, I would have never been able to have this amazing opportunity!

As you see above, the beginning of the email stated that I am "officially [welcomed]" What an incredible feeling and accomplishment.  And to go further, it stated that they spent an extensive amount of time "vetting" through hundreds of bloggers who wanted this position.  I'll be honest! I had to look up the word "vetting". The definition reads: "making a careful and critical examination of something."  ANOTHER, W-O-W! And it just so happens that if you turn that W-O-W upside down, it spells M-O-M.  I am just thrilled that our blog was carefully considered and critically examined and STILL APPROVED!  You can see (below) another small excerpt from today's email!  Specifically, I am sharing what expectations had to be met in order to be chosen.  In return, I will be given the opportunity to participate in campaigns and write on my opinions/viewpoints about particular products, hoping to influence other curious moms to love them too!
I cherish my blog readers and value my blog followers even more! Will you start following my blog today?  Allow me to take the pressure off of you by sharing my ideas, experiences, and thoughts, not to mention my adorable family members with you!! Hehe.  Click on the right hand side of my blog to become a follower.  I'll be sure to let you know when I receive the FIRST opportunity to work for Mom Central by reviewing an item or items. All glory goes to my LORD & Savior for giving me this public opportunity to let His light shine and to help others in my community, as well as, globally.  

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