Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jax's Basketball Season Comes To A Close!

Darren and I were really proud of Jax during this season of basketball.  There's no humble way to say this, but I think it's okay because it's a fact... Jax was the best player on his team!!! Jax was placed on a team that sincerely seemed "young" and almost didn't even know how to dribble the basketball (quite frustrating for someone who has such knowledge of the game). Jax did have a female teammate that was very impressive though; I believe her name was Parker.  He enjoyed having someone he could rely on. Either way, Jax was such an extremely fair and helpful teammate. He passed the ball, instead of being a ball hog, when he could have easily stolen the show.  He was an amazing defensive player. He always had his hands up. This league didn't allow the ball to be "stolen".  Basically, each player had to wait for the ball to go out of bounds or wait for the opposing player to loose control of the ball.  That rule was so hard for Jax to follow, even though he did follow it and well, because he knows the sport and knows that that's not "real basketball", as he had said over and over again, on the way to each game. The idea behind this league is just to simply increase the players  knowledge of the game and to teach them how to be a good team player.  It was a short 6 weeks, but Jax did a fantastic job and we can't wait to watch him play "REAL" baseball this April. I am so glad he's finally old enough to let his light and skills shine!!!
Capturing a good photo in the gym was so hard! I am having the same issues during Ty's basketball games.  I may have to look into a new flash or lens before next season.
Receiving his trophy! Shy guy!
Jax received his trophy, but was too shy to let me take his picture. I begged and begged, but he started to cry, so I let him be. His trophy now sits on his dresser for all to see! He didn't seem to get overly excited about it.  He said, "I already have a trophy!"  LOL! 

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