Monday, February 23, 2015

Gifts Of The 5 Senses!

I was truly stuck for ideas, for Darren, this Valentine's Day.  I knew there were a few things that I failed to get him for Christmas, that I could give, but it just didn't seem exciting enough, nor did it "fit in" with the typical gifts, from wife to husband, for Valentine's Day.  I decided to use the gifts I did buy him and create a fun presentation instead. I was able to fit each gift into a category; the category of "The Gift Of The Five Senses": see, touch, taste, smell, and hear.  I used my food friend accessories as little hints for each gift and hid each hint in little heart shaped boxes.

The kids enjoyed watching Darren receive each gift.  We blind folded him and presented him with a different plastic heart for each of the five senses.  
The first gift I gave, to Darren, was the gift of "smell"!  
There is NEVER a dull moment of comedy with this man!  He had to act each gift out.
It consisted of hair/body wash, foot lotion, lemon body creme, a thin mint cookie candle, and a peanut butter chocolate cookie car jar!
The second gift I gave, to Darren, was the gift of "touch" or "feel".  
At Christmas, Darren wanted a heat massager for his back, but I completely forgot about it. PERFECT!!! I am glad I was able to recall this idea and use it to fit the category perfectly.  
This homedics massager emits heat and kneads your back all the way up and down.
The 3rd gift was the gift of "taste".  The key to every man's heart is food, right?  
Darren's gifts of taste included a really nice bottle of red wine, a gold arrow wine cork, and powdered peanut butter.  Darren puts peanut butter in his oatmeal every single morning and I thought this would be an interesting twist.  I guess he could also use it for his protein shakes.
I also made the MOST delicious meal for him.  It was filet mignon, cesaer salad, heart shaped pasta with a garlic and oil sauce, and a pretzel roll.  Darren and I, BOTH, were talking about this meal three days later.  
The 4th gift was the gift of "hear".  
I wrapped his fourth gift in a victoria secret bag and he was getting a little nervous, thinking the kids were about to "hear" see something inappropriate.  
Darren is a watch collector and it's been a while since I purchased a new watch for him.  I was excited to see that fossil had a new collection, which included a navy band.  Darren doesn't have any navy banned watches.  I thought the "ticking" of the watch could fit the category of hear.
The 5th and last gift was "see".  Ty apparently snooped and looked at the gift before I presented it to Darren, so he was jumping up and down with excitement.  He said over and over, "Dad this is the best gift ever!"
I presented the gift, to him, in a heart shaped box.  Inside, instead of the holes being filled up with chocolate, I filled them up with little basketballs. 
There was a note inside that read:
"We are going on a date ALONE to do something you would like to do! A Virginia Tech Basketball Game!"
Ty started crying immediately.  I think he thought the gift included a ticket for everyone in the family! It was so comical and then got a little ugly because his sadness turned to anger and frustration.  We immediately sent him to bed for not rejoicing with others. It was 7:30 pm at this point, so that was a huge punishment for him.

Darren is always so appreciative and complimentary of the gifts I give and the creativity that goes along with it.  I think the presentation is sometimes more exciting than the gift.  Anyone can wrap a gift or throw something in a gift bag. Go that extra mile once in a while.  If your gift isn't very exciting, but the presentation is, the gift will still be enjoyed.
Oh and the morning of Valentine's Day, I chose to give part of Darren's "taste" gift to him, to enjoy.  It was a box of Dunkin Donut k-cups (his favorite coffee), a new coffee mug with a sweet note reading, "Amour", and an adorable engraved spoon that read, "Let's Spoon".  I purchased this spoon from etsy, at a shop called Block and Hammer.
Other than the bus driver's gift, this post 98% completes our Valentine's Day celebrations! There was an insane amount of detail and thought that went into EVERYTHING this Valentine's Day.  I hate to say it, but I am a little glad it's over.  LOL! Until next year...


  1. Hey there Kristin! Loved all your ideas especially the ticking of the watch for the sense of sound. I bet he thinks of you every second :) Appreciate the effort that went into the gifts. Keep going!


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