Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentine's Day Gifts (2015)

Since I [heart] Valentine's Day, my kids and hubby luck out! Shopping for Valentine's Day is more enticing than shopping for Christmas.  No one is stressed out and there's LOVE in the air. It's something about Valentine's Day... it's just so cheerful and captivating.  This year, I displayed each of the kids' gifts in a heart-shaped paper tray.  I laid the trays on my living room ottoman, while the kids hid in the half bathroom.  One by one, I walked the kids to their side of the ottoman, with their eyes shut. Each of their backs were turned towards their gifts.   
 On the count of three, they were allowed to turn around. 
 I loved their sincere reactions.
It made my Valentine's Day that much happier.  Seeing their excitement made all my hard work worth it!
Here's what they got!!
She received (2) coupons.  One, was for a "5 minute back scratch" and the other is for a future "lunch date!" She's already used the back scratch coupon.  LOL! The coupons arrived in an adorable burlap bag, inside of a Valentine mailbox. 
  Liley was really intrigued and confused about what the coupons were.
Liley received all of those goodies below too: a diamond lip solo cup, Valentine colored crayons, a large hershey kiss, gum, heart eye shadow, two colorful pens, and a fun ribbon wand. 
 Inside the "sweet" heart was a beautiful heart shaped ring.
I filled the inside of the cup with plastic ice cubes!
Jax's also received two coupons. One for "a great big hug" and the other for a "staring contest".  He has since used the coupon for his "great big huge" during an emotional moment in the life of a 5 year old.
I love the colorful, heart lollipop bouquet I gave to him.  I thought it was perfect since he loves lollipops.
Jax's gifts were: finger soccer, a lindt chocolate prince frog, a large pen, tools for his indoor play sand, glow sticks, gum, and a red/black Under Armor shirt.
I think his Under Armor shirt was his favorite item.
Ty's coupons were for "1 Thumb Wrestle Win" and "A 5 Minute Back Scratch!" I could have given Ty a different coupon, instead of giving him the same one I gave Lilah, but they both LOVE back scratches.
Ty received $25 cash, new elite socks (Valentine Day colors), glow sticks, gum, and a skip ball game.
He seemed THRILLED!
Darren surprised me too!!!!! When I came down to lay out the kids' gifts, he had already laid out my gifts.  He did SO good and it was so creative.  He bought me a "gift card" to get new carpet for our stairs.  We have really funky patterned stair carpet, but after 7 years it is starting to show it's wear and tear.  I am super excited to pick out a new pattern/texture.  New boots!!! The only difference in the boots he bought me verse the boots in this post are that the colors are the other way around.  My boots are black, on the top, and light brown, on the bottom. Gorg! (3) new lotions from Bath and Body works. A heart shaped, stainless steel candle holder and tea light "rose" scented candles, from Yankee Candle.  
He bought me the traditional box of chocolates that he started years ago... SUGAR-FREE.  It started when we were on the Atkins Diet and he kept the tradition going, 12 years later.  
Did Darren get anything?  OF COURSE he did.  I will be doing a separate post on his gifts. Of course, if you are a loyal reader, you already saw the "floral bouquet" that I made for him!

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