Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bugs & Kisses!

For Jax's Valentine's Day cards, I purchased (2) bags of pink/red hershey kisses and (10) packs of plastic bugs from the Dollar Tree.  I thought it would be creative and cute to use the title, "Hugs & Kisses" and turn it into "Bugs & Kisses" for a perfectly neutral "card", for both boys and girls, in Jax's class. I had visions of packaging this Valentine up much cuter than I did, but I had an abundance of Valentine's Day crafts, gifts, snacks, and responsibilities to accomplish. As the holiday was closing in, I realized there just wasn't enough hours in the day for me to bring all of my thoughts and details to fruition.  Oh well! Everything still turned out adorable, just not entirely the way I had envisioned.  

I bought ONE bag of Hershey Kisses filled with caramel and ONE bag of regular milk chocolate Hershey Kisses.
As a Dollar Tree lover, I was glad I could support the store. I LOVE that I was able to buy 10 bags of bugs for $1.00 each.
Hershey Kisses
Plastic Bugs
Faux Grass (optional)
The bag of bugs included: a lady bug, a cockroach, a wasp, a beetle, and a praying mantis.  
While I was blogging, Ty passed by and said, "Man those look so realistic."  They really did.
Being I didn't have time to bag it up the way I wanted, I snuck into my gift closet and pulled out some pink, faux Easter grass to help make this Valentine a little more 3-dimenstional.  
I used a boring, yet simple zip block bag, per classmate, to deliver the Bugs & Kisses.
The directions are easy peasy: In this order, insert the printable, then the grass and last, gently layer the bugs and kisses on top of the grass.
This Valentine was difficult to photograph because the baggies create a lovely horrible glare.
The completed look!
If you like this idea and wish to replicate it, I am offering the printable I created to you for free. Just click here to use the printable, for your little one.  

One classmate of Jax's is a little terrified of bugs. When Jax passed his Valentine out, I heard him say, "Ewe! I don't want that."  LOL!!!!! So....beware.... although this is a clever Valentine, NOT every child may appreciate the creativity that went into it.  

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