Friday, February 20, 2015

You Are "Plane" Awesome!

I'm pretty sure this is the last year for Tyson and Valentine's Day cards.  He's getting older and his love, for passing out cards to his classmates, is slowly fading.  Okay, quickly fading, let's just be real.  If he's going to be passing out anything on Valentine's Day, next year, you now know, from the post prior to this one, it's going to be to his "love"...Cami.  Most of the Valentine's ideas I had for him were pretty cheesy.  While shopping for red, white, and pink candy at Walgreens, I came across these styrofoam airplanes.  There are (6) airplanes to a pack (2 red, 2 white, and 2 pink) for .99 cents.  They were displayed with this year's Valentine's stuff, but apparently these planes were last year's merchandize.  Guess what that meant?  I got them at 70% off.  I bought (4) packs of airplanes for $1.20. How exciting! That's cheaper than ONE box of paper Valentine's Day cards.
All I really needed was a catchy phrase.  I created a label to go along with the airplanes.  It read, "Valentine, You Are Plane Awesome! Love, Ty" Being Ty's Vice Presidency slogan, last year, involved a mustache, I chose to add a mustache to this label, to keep the slogan alive. More than likely, you won't want this label, so I created a free label for you, here
 An inexpensive, age appropriate, useful, and unique Valentine for the 4th graders. 
I had plans of bringing these plans outside and taking some cute pictures as the kids flew them in the air, but we have been loaded down by below freezing temperatures and snow.  These photos will have to do :(

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