Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Gingerbread" Houses 2014

I cannot believe I am STILL posting about our Christmas fun! BUT I AM AND I see at least 4 more posts in the making. Sigh... A little behind am I? YES!  When Darren and I went on our little weekend getaway, I lined up a few things for Destiny to do with the kids.  I always try to envision me being in charge of kids, for an extended period of time, and think about how I would love to have fun things to do with them. AND... I also try to create things to help occupy my kids while their mommy and daddy are gone. Typically, I would have NEVER asked a sitter to do the gingerbread houses with my kids.  That is a yearly tradition, in our home, that even I, myself, look forward to and I hated missing it.  Christmas was approaching rapidly, so I didn't really have a choice, but if there is anyone that would suffice to take my place it's definitely Destiny.  
Before I left for our shopping trip, I made Tyson, Lilah, and Jaxon a cupcake tray of Christmas colored embellishments candy and treats to use to decorate their houses.
I also found these adorable cookie decorations, by Wilton, at Target, and I thought they were perfect for the occasion.  
Destiny is so used to my expectations and has sorta become a mini me so she made sure to document all of the details as well as the kids decorating their homes.
Then she let the kids get to work!
I think part of the reason I wasn't so devastated about missing this is because this year, at our local Christmas Craft Show aka "The Stocked Market", I bought these reusable, plastic, gingerbread houses.  So, I know we will be making a "LOVE shack" for Valentine's Day and an Easter House. Ooooo, maybe we could make a "Summer Rental Beach House" too... There will be multiple occasions to decorate these homes. It was the BEST investment I made at Christmas.
Our neighbor, Jake, came by to join in on the fun.  Fortunately, we had four houses.
I think Lilah has a "candy crush" on Jake.  Sigh... Do crushes really start this young?
Jax really LOVES to decorate, cook, and bake.  He's going to be an amazing and FUN husband.
After decorating their houses, I gave each of the kids a new movie, popcorn (both Kettle Corn and regular) and their own pack of Christmas Jelly Bellies. I think this was helpful and kept them occupied.
When the movie NO LONGER kept their attention, each kid had a craft to do.  It's called "color-a-plate". This was the perfect craft.  We always need something put Santa's cookies on. 
These were so cool.  Each plate came with (3) coloring sheets.  You can color the sheets, switch them out, and eat off of your creation.  I think I paid $1.99.   These plates came from A.C. Moore.
There you have it! A special thank you to our favorite babysitter Destiny! Be on the look out for our Valentine's Day LOVE SHACKS!

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