Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lilah's FIRST Day Of Kindergarten!!!

Lilah Ann Bolling's First Day Of Kindergarten
Lilah's first day of Kindergarten was wonderful, from the start of her day to the finish of her day. This little girl had the following a.m. agenda:
                                                         6:15 am Rise and Get Dressed
                                                         6:30 am Breakfast/Family Devotional by Daddy
                                                         6:45 am Brush Teeth/Hair
                                                         7:00 am Load Book Bag W/ Lunch Box
                                                         7:05 am Walk To Bus Stop
                                                         7:08 am Get On Bus
                                                         7:35 am Arrive School
                                                         7:50 am School Starts
                                                         2:15 pm School Ends
                                                         2:40 pm Bus Drops Her Off
                                                         7:30 pm Story Time, Prayers, and Bedtime
I love the collage above.  Those were the many faces, of my sweet girl, on the first day of school!
Lilah was super excited about Kindergarten, so excited she only ate one piece of bacon. She was very bubbly and gave me no issues.  
We painted her nails PINK, the night before, (index finger was glittery pink per her request).  She was fashionably cute and comfy!!! We were sure to send in extra shoes for her to switch into for recess.
I cannot believe how big she looks in the below photo!
Off to the bus stop!
Daddy and Liley waiting for the bus to arrive.
Lilah picked out her own book bag.  We purchased the Garnet Hill, Floral Fantasia Backpack. 
With the purchase of the backpack, Garnet Hill sends the coordinating lunch box for FREE.  I had a local company embroider Lilah's name, onto the front of her lunch box! I LOVE the final look! She will use this lunch box alternatively with the other one below.
What was inside Lilah's backpack on the first day of school?  Lilah picked out this adorable light up lunch box, from and I found a color coordinating water bottle. Both items are from Target.
Lilah's leopard, snack tote came from Children's Place.  Originally $14.95, on sale for $5.00, then monogrammed by the same local company for $7. I had "snacks" monogrammed onto it.
Lilah has several things to fill me in on after school.  Here are a few of her highlights:

1.  FIRST, I asked her if her teacher was nice and she replied: "NO!  My teacher is not nice.  She's REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice!!!!"

2.  A little girl on the playground already told Lilah that she is not invited to "play in her group!" And Lilah very politely replied, "Well that's not very nice! Should I go tell the teacher?"  And then the little girl very quickly changed her mind.

3.  "The school food looks disgusting." There goes my opportunity to NOT have to pack once in a while.

4.  Nap time is silly and "the teacher makes me take out my own nap mat, when she should be the one doing it!" #shethinksshesaprincess

5.  She learned about the color red, #'s 1-5, (both she already KNEW) and how to draw dogs (in art class).  

6.  "The Bus driver speeds!"  Haha.  No she doesn't.  I just think it seems that way because she doesn't wear a seatbelt.  

I can't wait to hear all about her second day of school!!!


  1. when you had someone local put her name on the lunch box could you still use the pocket?

    1. Yes!!! But the pocket is useless. Anything you put in there would fall out.

    2. PS. I am selling the book bag if you are interested. It's in pristine condition. I would sell the lunch box but her name is on it.


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