Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jax's First Day Of Kindergarten!

Jaxon Reid Bolling's First Day Of Kindergarten
Jax's first day of Kindergarten was equally as good as Lilah's, from the start of his day to the finish of his day. I guess they aren't twins for nothing :) Our little guy had the following a.m. agenda:
                                                                  6:15 am Rise. Shower and Get Dressed
                                                                  6:30 am Breakfast/Family Devotional by Daddy
                                                                  6:45 am Brush Teeth/Hair
                                                                  7:00 am Load Book Bag W/ Lunch Box
                                                                  7:05 am Walk To Bus Stop
                                                                  7:08 am Get On Bus
                                                                  7:35 am Arrive School
                                                                  7:50 am School Starts
                                                                  2:15 pm School Ends
                                                                  2:40 pm Bus Drops Her Off
                                                                  7:30 pm Story Time, Prayers, and Bedtime
He wasn't THRILLED with taking photos...at first!  But he got over it quickly.  I thought this was a funny picture though.  I could easily say, "Oh he was so sad to be leaving mommy!"
He's so much more handsome when he smiles!
Jax was really excited about going to school and naturally, I think a little nervous about how he was going to make friends.  
Jax was sporting the "Skateboards" backpack from Garnet Hill.

Inside his book bag he brought his Light Up, Match Box Cars, luck box and coordinating water bottle.  I found both at Target.
Garnet Hill is an AWESOME company.  They offer a FREE coordinating lunch box, WHEN, you buy the book bag - an $18.95 value. I had his name "Jax" monogrammed on it, by a local company.  When I showed it to Jax (the monogrammed name), he cried.  He claims the font was "too big!"
Jax's snack back was so appropriate for him.  It had every sports ball on it.  I purchased it at Children's Place.  Originally the cost was $14.95 and I bought it for $5.00 (during tax free weekend shopping).  I had it monogrammed for $7.00 to say "Snacks!" I like that Ty and Jax can use them interchangeably. 
Daddy and Jax as they wait on the bus to arrive!
Jax didn't have as much to say about his day as Lilah did... that's a boy for you! Here are a few of his highlights:

1.  My teacher is "w-reallllly" nice.

2. "I met a friend, but I don't know his name.  It might be Ben!"

3.  Jax: "Mom, I didn't eat my grapes!"  Me: "WHY Jax?"  Jax: Because when I opened up my snack, in class, all of my grapes spilled ALLLLLL over the classroom floor!"

4.  The playground is boring because we aren't even allowed to play kickball.

The first thing Jax did when he got off of the bus and ran inside was CHANGE CLOTHES.  Jax was thrilled that he could wear Under Armor clothing today.  I can't wait to hear all about his second day of school!!!

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