Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Baby Sprinkle For Ashely, Welcoming Baby Caleb

Back in 2010, I planned a Baby "Sprinkle" for one of my best friends, Ashely Harris. Caleb was "on the way", but he was conceived a tad sooner than Ashely had planned :), so we turned her celebration into a Baby "Sprinkle", instead of a full blown Baby Shower.  At the time, I was only blogging about Tyson and the current status of my pregnancy with the twins (on two other blogs, devoted just to my children). I never documented my creations, parties, crafts, recipes etc. on our blogs. Instead, I only shared my ideas through online photo albums at Kodak Gallery or Shutterfly. So why am I blogging about this event that took place almost 5 years ago?  I have been blessed to be featured on multiple times. Judy, the editor of The Stir, has been leaning on me for some projects she is working on. NOW that I am being asked for ideas through and could also be uploading these ideas to pinterest, I am kicking myself for not documenting everything years ago. NOW... I am having to back track. The Stir is requesting ideas/posts on Baby "Sprinkles", so I'm creating a post, for The Stir, based off of the Sprinkle that was thrown for Ashely & Zach in 2010.  LOL! Ignore the poor quality footage.  I didn't have a fancy Cannon camera at the time.  Either way, I think the ideas are still adorable and should be duplicated for YOUR favorite pregnant lady. Let's just call this post a "Throw Back Thursday" and everything will make sense, haha.  

The entire baby Sprinkle was designed around the zebra print and the color BLUE.  The invitation I created read: 
"Pins, Diapers, and Bottles Galore
Ashely & Zach Are Having One More!
This Is Only A "Sprinkle" To Show That We Care.
We Welcome Your Presence And All Of Your Prayers.
Please Join Us To Celebrate Before Caleb Is Due
And While Big Brother Cohen Awaits His Debut." 

I am mortified. I now realize that I spelled Ashely's name WRONG! Eeeeeeekkkkk.  Sorry Ash! Although I was the one throwing her this baby Sprinkle, the truth is, our friendship wasn't that old. Maybe 7 months old.  LOL! My sister's name is Ashley and is spelled A-S-H-L-E-Y, so I guess I just assumed that's the way her name was spelled too. 
The decorations were VERY minimal.  Just a zebra diaper cake, to match the theme, some baby blue and zebra print balloons, and Dawn made baby blocks spelling out CALEB's name.

The guests were very minimal. Again, it was a SPRINKLE not a SHOWER. The guests were all of Ashely's closest friends from our church, West Salem Baptist Church.
Game #1: Who's Water Broke?
The Sprinkle was at a local restaurant called 419 West.  We ordered our food and then played a few unique/fun games before eating. The first game consisted of plastic babies, frozen into ice cubes.  Each guest received a frozen baby to place inside their drink.  The first person who's "WATER BROKE" aka the ice cube fully melted, won a prize.  
Yes, I know.  This doesn't look very kind.  HAHA.  
I made Ashely a special cake.  It was a pregnant mommy.  The cake was vanilla and it was covered in buttercream icing and then nicely decorated with colored fondant.  I remember staying up late finishing this beauty, but the outcome was seriously one of the prettiest cakes I have ever made.  
I thought the cake was too pretty to eat, so I made these adorable cupcakes for the guests to enjoy.
I know each guest did NOT expect a SPRINKLE favor, but I had to give one. I couldn't resist the zebra print umbrellas, found at A.C. Moore.  After all, you need an umbrella for a SPRINKLE of rain right.  I made up this poem and attached it to the guests' gift.  
If you feel like you didn't see enough, feel free to click on this link to enjoy the rest of the photos captured almost 5 years ago.  


  1. AW! I am still so thankful for that "Sprinkle" that was much more than that! Best part about this is your next blog post below this of the kids singing at the nursing home is a big picture of Caleb (And P and Lilah), the little boy you sprinkled almost 5 years ago :)

  2. Such a cute idea! Thank you for posting it.


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