Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dedication Is Paying Off...

My love for Blogging!!!! How did it all begin? Let's reminisce...  I had a friend who blogged and I enjoyed reading about her day to day life with her son. It inspired me to start my own blog. I began blogging in 2007. FIRST, I had a blog solely dedicated to Ty.  Then, I conceived twins and I created a blog to help document that amazing experience.  I didn't post on those two blogs like I do now.  Typically, I think I averaged posting once a week.  Having two blogs became confusing and seemed silly.  We needed a family blog to document all of the excitement that went/goes on, on a day-to-day basis.  It all started really just as a digital scrapbook for me and something for the grandparents to enjoy. I won't even share the names of the other blogs because my blogging skills/knowledge was weak back then. I'm slightly embarrassed at how bad those blogs look. LOL!  As my momma always said, "Practice makes perfect!"  NOW, as I have become more and more knowledgable and interested in blogging, it is turning more into a hobby and possibly a little side career that could potential bring in a small income.  Of course, it's the best of both worlds because my blog is viewed by a much bigger audience now and will ALWAYS be a great reference and memory for my children to enjoy.

I was tickled to death, yesterday, after a New York City based real estate platform, called Urban Compass, contacted me. After investigating our family blog, they decided to ask me to be a part of their new project they are running called "Starter Stories".  I'll be writing a post for them, as I walk down memory lane, telling the story about our home's starter story.  It's exciting, yet nerve racking! LOL! The pressure is on to write for someone else, not just myself. If my write up is approved by the directors, Urban Compass will be featuring it on their TWITTER account. Of course, I assume/hope this will bring our blog more followers and traffic.  

I am thankful that God is allowing these opportunities and I hope that I will use them to glorify HIS name.  Without His kind gifts of salvation, our church, a husband, children, a puppy, friends, a good job, and so much more, there would be no house turned home to write about!!!! Thank you Jesus!

My dedication to our family blog is paying off.  Be on the look out for the write up.  I hope you will enjoy reading it too!

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