Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tyson's Toothless Tale! (Part 1)

This post is about Tyson's toothless tale!  
Toothless Grin!
On April 12, 2012 Tyson lost his first tooth.  You can revisit that experience here. Since the first lost tooth, Ty has lost a total of 8 more teeth (both naturally (4) and surgically (4)).  We made the decision to not do the tooth fairy thing, but I promised Tyson I would do something even BETTER!  The "tooth" of the matter is, life is so busy, months and even years have passed without fulfilling my promise of a tooth fairy scavenger hunt.  I'm kind of glad that the hunt got delayed because it wound up working out to our advantage.

I searched for hours, on google images and pinterest (during my nightly rest time) for something to trigger my creative juices, but surprisingly there is literally NOTHING on tooth fairy hunts AND I mean NOT ONE THING.  Okay, maybe there was ONE thing, but it wasn't, at all, what I had envisioned doing for him.  Tyson kept haunting me... "Mom, can we do my tooth hunt today?!?!?!?!"  I kept postponing it, but it got to the point where I needed a deadline and I needed to fulfill my promise to him.  So I told him, "I promise you, I will do this before school starts back!"

The day before school started back, I followed through with my commitment.  Talk about waiting until the last minute - I know, so not me.  My ideas are completely original.  Sadly, I had NO ONE to work off of or to add to their original ideas; that sure did make things a little more time consuming and stressful.  

I called it, "Tyson's Tooth Fairy Scavenger Hunt!"  I chose to create the entire hunt around the #9...9 clues and 9 prizes for 9 missing teeth.  Luckily, I had already purchased the 9 prizes.  I had been collecting them for some time.  BUT, where I was lacking, was in the "clue" department.  So, I woke up at 5 am, Monday morning, skipped studying (shame on me) and devised an introductory letter along with 9 clues and a final note.  

Tyson and Jaxon hid in my closet for over 45 minutes, while Lilah and I finished up the last minute details and hid everything.

Tyson came downstairs, after the 45 minutes, and was greeted with this letter, clue #1 and a origami basket made out of a dollar, filled with all 9 teeth.
Ty wasted NO time getting to "work".
Tyson found his first prize immediately...
Location #1 - Tyson's Closet
Prize #1 - Purple, Nike Elite Socks!

CLUE #2 
Location #2 - Ty's Bookbag
Prize #2 Candy & Gum! 

Location #3  - Twins' Toy Basket In Basement
Prize #3 The TOOTH FAIRY Movie (Part 1 and Part 2)
Because this post is SOOOO long already, I am going to finish the details, in a new post, titled, Tyson's Toothless Tale part 2.

Below is a youtube video of the entire scavenger hunt.  It's NOT boring.  The "hubbs" compiled all of the footage and made it a fast, enjoyable, short, 3 1/2 minute video.

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  1. Oh what fun!! Lucky Ty. He looks so happy and like he had so much fun! :):) Maybe I need to get my wisdom teeth removed and you can throw me a scavenger hunt too with hardees gift cards or something. just a thought :)


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