Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tyson's Toothless Tale (Part 2)

Showing his only pearly white.
Be sure to check out part 1, of Tyson's Toothless Tale, if you haven't already.  This post is a continuation to it.

Clue #4
Location #4 Our Half-Bathroom
 Prize #4 Angry Bird TEETH Accessories.
Clue #5

My little helper hid it in the mailbox for me.
 Location #5 Mailbox
 Prize #5 - New Ipod Accessories.
 Clue #6
Location #6 Backyard
 Prize #6 Fake Teeth
Clue #7
Location #7 - Jax's Room
 Prize #7 - Superman Under Armor Shirt
Clue #8
Location #8 - Our Sienna Mini Van
 Prize #8 - Gift card to the Dollar Tree for $9
 Clue #9
Location #9 - Lilah's Room.
Prize #9 - $9 Glittering Dollars 
I sprayed $9 with Gold, Glitter Hairy Spray!!!!
I found this youtube video and I thought it would be cute to fill his 9 teeth in a dollar bill basket. I ran out of time to make it, so I bribed my dear friend Erin (she seems to take care of my last minute details these days) to make it for me.  On our way home from putt-putt, I picked it up.  She did a great job!

This was such a blast for ALL of our kids.  It was fun to watch them run all over our home, both inside and out.  Lilah even said, "Mommy, when I get 9 lost teeth, can I have a tooth fairy hunt too?"  That made me realize that this was a memorable and pleasurable experience.
I captured all the fast paced details on video.  My hubby helped me, by compiling all of the footage, and making it a little more enjoyable to watch.  The ONLY THING we are waiting on NOW if for Tyson's TEETH to grow back.  He looks like a Jack-o-latern right now :)