Friday, April 20, 2012

Loose Tooth Comes OUT!!!

It's been a much anticipated day... Tyson discovered a loose tooth at the end of March.  We never thought this day would come.  He was so sad that he was the last kid in his class to loose a tooth, that he even went to the school nurse to talk about the saga.  Apparently, a few kids in his class even picked on him for not loosing a tooth yet.  So, I was so happy for him that his moment finally arrived.  Ty wiggled on it for over two weeks.  He tried to eat hard foods.  And he even contemplated tying a string to a door and slamming it, but he didn't.  To no avail, the tooth remained loose.  UNTIL, of course, mommy went out of town with her girlfriends.  THEN, dumb and dumber, haha, just teasing, went at it.   On a total mission to remove the tooth while mommy was gone :(  SOOOOOO, I missed it.  But I have the greatest hubby... he made sure to document it for me.  

Being the Easter bunny and Santa are no longer "believed in" in our home, we are NOT introducing the tooth fairy either, BUT I have a special something up my sleeve to celebrate this special moment.  Be on the look out for a post soon.

"When am I ever going to loose a tooth?"

I finally lost my tooth!  April 6, 2012


The famous tooth!

Can't wait to show his classmates!!!