Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Love Ya To Pizzas!

"The Circle Of Llife"..........PIZZA! We all know it. And every kid LOVES pizza, so when I planned a "Dough-NOT Grow Up" party for my twins' 10th birthday gathering, with a few friends, I KNEW I had to include pizza in the mix. You can click here to read the first post about the party that included donuts. Above/Below: take note of the cute, Heidi Swapp Light Boxes that I use for EVERYTHING that needs that extra DETAIL! 

Lilah and Jax were NOT supposed to have a party.  Their party was a BIG trip to Orlando, Florida where we celebrated them for days. BUT, I did allow them to have what I would consider more of an over detailed playdate. LOL! Believe it or not, the tablecloth is a tablecloth that I use for my LipSense parties. The black placemats I purchased from Pier 1 for our Thanksgiving Table. The red plate chargers were used like 6 years ago for a bridal party I hosted. The napkins were purchased (2) Summers ago because I thought they were cute and I have a small addiction to collecting napkins. AND the cokes reside in my garage because my dad brought us a few cases weeks before this event. The only thing that was purchased for this part of the party was the pizza. #TrueStory.
It's kind of hard to believe actually that it all came together so cute, with little to no plan. I used to be pretty obsessed with party planning, but I realize NOW most of the joy and what I loved most was more about the challenge of creating all of the tiny details more than anything else. The initial reaction of my children's faces is always so special and priceless too, but our minds forget. So without photos, all of that hardwork goes out the window!!!! I will remind the kids of certain things and they will say "Oh Yea!" or "I don't remember that!" It kills me.  And even I will go back and read something on my blog and think, "WOW! I did that!!!?" Guests come and go and the money spent and energy expelled that goes into it doesn't really out weigh the positives. I have enjoyed keeping things much more simpler now. I feel like it's all still so CUTE! My kiddos still feel cherished, celebrated, and valued. My mom used to say, "Less Is More!"
Do you see the small pizza box in the stand? That was a big, candy, gummy pizza that my kids were gifted one year.  I bought each of them one.  I saved the box.  I knew it would come in handy for something one day.  NO! I am anything BUT a hoarder.  I just know that I like details and I have a gift closet that I store things like that in. All I did was go to google, print out a delicious looking pizza, and double-stick tape it to the inside of the box.  Wala!!!! No need to spend $7.99 on a pizza decoration at Captain Party!
 Dominos pizza was the dinner portion of the party! playdate! 
 I'm was in love with ALL of the tiny details. Even the colors all looked so festive together.
 "Mangia!" that's "Time To Eat" in Italian.  
Again, photos of the party guests were scarce because this is the age where they start becoming anti-camera, aka annoyed every time you ask for a photo.  
 I LOVE my twinsies to PIZZAS!!!!!

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