Friday, May 3, 2019

Day #2 - Islands Of Adventures

On Day #2 of our trip, we started out at Islands Of Adventures! This is an Orlando park that I had never been to before, which is always nice to explore a "FIRST" at 42 years of age. None of us knew what to expect, but we were excited. I did prepare the birthday twins with matching minion shirts though and they were so exited and appreciative.  Other than the fact that my shirt is CRAZY SEE THROUGH (SMH) do yo notice what is on it? Bananas!!!! Minions favorite!

This particular park had attractions and areas that related to Marvel Super Heroes, Dr. Seuss, Harry Pottery, Transformers, Jurassic Park, and the like... Darren and I spotted the below sign in "Toon Land" (as I call it) and could totally relate. We were already starting to feel the effects of the early a.m. jet lag, barely eating, not staying hydrated, and going to bed way too late. We thought it was so funny and oh so true, "I'm going to need a vacation from this vacation!"
The first attraction that our family hit up was HULK! Of course, I did NOT ride and Lilah was not tall enough. Jax was too timid the first time, but he did eventually ride it twice towards the end of the day). The Hulk is where you step inside a high-security research compound commanded by General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. Bravely volunteering, we agree to be a test subject for a potentially life-altering science experience based on Dr. Bruce Banner's research. At the General's word, your group is blasted with gamma radiation.  Suddenly, you feel unstoppable. Before you can blink, you're catapulted out with the force of a fighter jet.  Hulk-like power propels you upside down, into a weightless zero gravity roll, racing faster and faster down the track.  You must use your superhuman strength to hold on as this high-speed, red-line rampage smashes its way through the sky.  Ah, yea, NO THANK YOU! Darren and Ty were brave enough to do it and they came off laughing and happy.  Weirdos. That thing races up to 67 miles PER HOUR.
Tyson and Lilah then tested out the "Doctor Doom".  Ugh. I am such a wimp.  I can't do any of these thrill rides. Are you a thrill ride pro? Never fazed? Never flustered? This might be your match.  Here's the situation: One of Marvel's supreme super villains needs to test his latest invention, a machine that sucks fear out of people.  His plan? Use the fear he collects as a weapon against the Fantastic Four.  How, you ask, will he get this fear out of you? WELL... by having his henchmen strap you into a seat, blast you 185 feet into the sky and then - without a second to catch your breath - hurl you back down with a face-melting force stronger than gravity itself.  Still think you could handle it? Even my hubby and Jax refused to do it.  
From there, we did the "Amazing Adventure of Spiderman." 
This is definitely a popular ride and clearly NOT a thrill ride since I joined.  
We strapped on our 3-D glasses and joined the world's most famous web slinger in a high-flying virtual reality ride.  The villains of the Sinister Syndicate have stole the Statue of Liberty and it's up to Spidey to save the day.
We faced a cast of Marvel characters as we soared above the streets, scaled skyscrapers, and battled bad guys left and right. The high-definition 3-D graphics are so vivid that you catch yourself counting the stitches on Spirder-Man's gloves. The shocker was when we dropped 400 feet in a 3-D free fall. 
We were NOT even in the park an hour and both Lilah and Ty spotted a section that does hair braids, hair wraps, and henna tattoos.  Ty had been talking about getting braids for a while and I figured, "Eh, what the heck!" There are some things as a parent you must control and there are other things as a parent you let them control.  We don't do colored hair, tattoos, or piercings in our home, but braids and afros... sure, why not.
Vacationers would stop by and just observe.  Ty actually got a ton of compliments.  I personally loved it on him, but daddy didn't care too much for it.  
It was quite pricey.  It cost $100.00 for his entire head to be complete with braids.  Ty wanted it so bad that he paid $50.00 and I paid $50.00.
Although TY appears unhappy here, haha, he was super excited.  It was seriously the most I've seen him smile in a long while (teenager).
I posted the below photo on my Instagram account and several of the comments said that it was model material. Haha.  
I think I can confidently do this hairstyle on Ty now!
Lilah started with a tattoo and ended with a hair wrap.
She chose a palm tree since we were in Sunny Florida, which is surrounded by gorgeous palm trees.  
I think it turned out great!!
Who knew that braids, tattoos, and hairwraps would create the most beautiful smiles.
Daddy thought the tattoo was real so he insisted Lilah be fed to the dinos! Haha. Just kidding.
What did Jax do during that 1 hour and 20 minute ordeal? Well, if you look above and below, you will notice that Jax won a HUGE stuffed bear and minion animal. We gave the twins a $100.00 gift card to spend in the park. Jax spent the majority of his gift card balance on carnival games.  Little did we realize that we needed a way to bring all of his prizes HOME! Ugh... stay tuned for that comedic story.
I'm glad that I have one daughter.  She wasn't too cool to enjoy the fun character meet and greets.
We interrupt this park day to bring you a swimming refresher.  
Yea, this pretty much was the best part about staying at the Hard Rock Hotel.  Let's face it, vacationing can be exhausting, but it shouldn't be.  So, if the kids needed a break from the parks, we let them have it.  Each day, they were more than aware of their limitations and they would say, "Can we go back and swim?"  
I enjoyed seeing them off of their electronics and playing like the good ol'days.  
It also gave Darren and I an opportunity to sit back and relax...
And enjoy an adult beverage. The only downfall... paper straws. So annoying.
I saved the best for last, LOL, I got to visit a Betty Boop shop, which of course had a TON of LIPPY items. I run a private facebook page for LipSense Distributors ONLY, where I share my Lip Finds and Business Mind.  Currently, I have over 370 distributors following me, so I make sure when I find anything with Lips on it, I share.
My twins were very bothered by how risqué Betty Boop was. They asked like 20 questions about her provocativeness.

On the way out of the park, for our break, I spotted another Starbuck's souvenir mug.  I HAD to grab it.
 Along with a picture I had to have with my man outside of the Universal Studios sign.
Because this was a FULL day, I am breaking up this post into TWO posts.  WHO knows when I will be back to share it with you all.  My hope is always to post ONCE a day, but life with a Jesus, husband, kids, dogs, LipSense, travel sports, birthdays, business trips, and so much more has this woman SWAMPED. I'll do my best to maybe post it TONIGHT. Don't hold your breath.  LOL!

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