Sunday, January 6, 2019

J Is For Jesus, Joy, And Jax!

Day #3 of 2018 Elf On The Shelf.
J is for JESUS, Joy, and Jax!

Well the elves came bearing gifts and a small message geared mostly towards Jax's behavior on Sunday (although we could all use a little lesson in JOY).  Jax left church Sunday and clearly didn't let the message penetrate his heart because his JOY was lacking almost immediately.  He spitefully went home and touched the elves, after being grounded, so they couldn't move.  AND. THEY. DIDN'T. MOVE.  

Any guesses what the wrapped gifts could be? My kiddos each received a box of delicious and unique flavored candy canes because if you turn those candy canes upside down.... they are the letter "J".
I LOVE the saying below!
If you LOVE this elf scene, I created the printable below and have replaced "Jax" 's name with "Jingle Bells", for your use! Click here.

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