Sunday, January 6, 2019

A Gift For A Thespian!

As you know, Lilah was blessed to be casted for Annie.  The play Annie was performed (9) times. Yes. I repeat (9) times. I was thankful even though it was a little taxing.  Those little thespians worked their tales off and I can't imagine having less than 4 shows after all of those late night practices. I couldn't possibly give Lilah (9) gifts, but I did have a new gift for her EACH OPENING weekend.  

On weekend 2, I made my baby girl a bouquet of CANDY! Flowers are great and beautiful, but kids like candy way better than flowers.  I did this for her during Snow White and not only did she enjoy it, but her cast-mates were in total awe.  
I tried to design this particular candy bouquet with gold, red, and silver candy!
My Annie "edition", of this candy bouquet, was transforming a Russell Stover's Chocolate bar, adding a photo of Daddy Warbuck's to the front of the $1,000,000,000, instead of Santa Claus.  
It's hard coming up with unique gifts for those special occasions, so while I had already given Lilah something similar, for another show, the candy choses was entirely different as were the color schemes and sweet details! Lilah LOVED it.  In fact, she still has a few pieces of candy left in her bouquet  because she just can't bring herself to eating it all. Eating is all makes her feel like she's saying goodbye to the Annie production and her cast.  

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