Thursday, January 10, 2019

Elf Breakfast!

On Day 7, our elves made breakfast for our children.  Man, I would let those elves stay year round if it included breakfast and dinner each day/night. 
Breakfast came complete with some Christmas Crunch, OJ, and an apple/bacon combo that looked similar to a deer.
The bacon represented the antlers.  The apple represented the deer or RUDOLPH.
I don't eat cereal because, well SUGAR and CARBS, but I won't deny this looked yummy.  I think it's been 12+ years since I have had bowl of cereal.  
Those cute Santa placemats came from Kohl's. I actually bought them last year, for the elf on the shelf, BUT failed to use them. Whoopsie! There was a reason though. I needed them for this day.   
I could handle more elf on the shelf scenes like this because it benefits everyone and isn't so messy!

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