Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Stuck On You!

“Stuck On You!!!” That’s my tagline for my LipSense business between now and February 14th (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day). We have some specific LipSense colors that would be PERFECT, if you are like me, and love PUN gifts! "Be Mine", "Sweetheart Pink", and "Fly Girl" are just a few!!! But, if you are NOT the creative type, HAVE. NO. FEAR. I spotted these ADORABLE cactus bags at Michael's Craft Store and I had ALREADY purchased Sugarfina's cactus gummies! And well, let’s face it, we ALL KNOW that LipSense is "STUCK. ON. YOU.", for at least 4 to 18 hours. 
 Let me help you give the best gift ever on Valentine’s Day!!!! And I will even include both the bag and the yummy cactus gummy too! 

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