Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

It was a TOTALLY random elf creation.  

I was at a loss for a location, in the house, AND an idea.  As I passed Jax's room, I thought, "What could I do with that basketball hoop?"
AND THEN... it hit me.  "A breakup!"
I think technically, these elves are supposed to be siblings, so I think this elf scene really confused my kids.  I even think some of my Instagram followers, which happen to be Ty's peers, thought I was setting this scene up and subliminally talking about a girl that Ty liked. NOPE! Not even close. It simply was a funny elf scene replicating a breakup.  Rosie was wearing her boyfriend's jersey jacket and holding a note/message for Ariel that read, "Don't cry because it's over.  Laugh because his new girlfriend looks like a horse!" And like I always say, "Fries before guys!" Note to self: Do NOT mess with Rosie's BFF, Ariel. 
 I guess after the breakup, the girls shoved Napoleon into a basketball hoop.
Well, I guess that will teach him to NOT mistreat a lady!
Hey, you get desperate when it's 4 am and you need an elf scene. 
Of course, I had to pair this elf scene with Ariana Grande's new song, NEXT. [Insert laughing emoji here].

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