Thursday, January 24, 2019

A "WOW" Tray For A LipBoss!

As you all know, I am a LipSense Distributor.  If you have never had an opportunity to experience LipSense... PLEASE CONTACT ME!

This is such a funny/strange post, but oh so necessary if you are a LipSense Distributor and are going to be doing LipSense parties/demonstrations. My very first lipsense party was almost 8 full months AFTER becoming a distributor. I was a nervous wreck and I almost regretted advertising about looking for a willing host. 
I spent countless hours researching, learning, and preparing for the party. I am an absolute perfectionist and tend to be quite the extremist too. The motto, “Go BIG or go home”, fits me well. Two hours before the party... I came up with this idea, out of NO WHERE. I created a “WOW” tray. Here’s what it includes: a mannequin head, a wine glass, a Starbuck's coffee cup with white lid, mug, a white blouse, a white dinner napkin, a tooth brush, an apple, a “Ring for a Kiss” bell, a fake cigarette, and a fake corn on the cob.
With these items, I show my viewers/customers exactly how well LipSense truly holds up to our long-lasting, smudge-proof, smear-proof, kiss-proof ploy. I felt silly during the demonstration and was slightly red from embarrassment, but it truly drove the message home AND it created a ton of laughs. 
I rang the bell and kissed “Kathy” on the face. LipSense stayed on. 
I bit into a big, red apple. LipSense stayed on. 
I pretended to smoke a cigarette. LipSense stayed on. 
I drank out of a the wine glass and coffee mug. LipSense stayed on. 
I wiped my mouth on my white blouse and on a white dinner napkin. LipSense stayed on. 
I scrubbed my lips with my toothbrush. And wouldn’t you guess... LipSense stayed on. 
I took a sip of my coffee and no lipcolor came off onto my white lid!!
I ate corn on the cob and all of my lipcolor remained!!
I welcome any other suggestions for practical "WOW" items for my tray. I hope you will find this idea fun and useful. You can tell a group of women how long LipSense lasts, but SHOWING them is far more convincing.

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