Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dress Rehearsal!

"Miss Thang" has taken on dance competitions this year. We are testing the waters to see if it can fit into our lives and if we enjoy it FULLY enough to commit for years to come! YES! I said, "fit into our lives".  Nothing that we do should rule us or control us, unless it's Jesus.  The day my children are forced to do something or do it to the point were if feels like a job, it's no longer fun. Kids only get to be kids for a short time frame and while I do want my kids to realize that you DO INDEED need to work for what you want, I also want my kids to realize that it doesn't have to be excessive. With that being said, we were up on a Saturday morning, BEFORE the sun, applying makeup and doing hair.  That takes dedication and drive, doesn't it?  It does.  I was SO VERY PROUD of Lilah and told her over and over again because her behavior and attitude both that morning and that day was so impressive and appreciated.  NO COMPLAINTS!  The rehearsal was at Virginia Western.  And I will admit, it was pretty fun to get a sneak peak at all of the dancers' hardwork.

With a Starbuck's in hand, this girl was ready to dance her heart out.
One of the dances that she is in is called "SuperGroup".  It's ALL OF THE dance competitors, (ages 9-18 I believe) combined, at Divine Dance, doing a Jazz number! It's not ONE song, but a culmination of songs. I really wanted Lilah to be a part of this because it shows her that if she sticks with dance, even if it's just recitals, she will continue to improve and eventually her dances and her talent will be better and better.  
For this dance, we were asked to dress our children in 80s themed fashion. The outfit had to be approved.  A special thank you to Emma Stanley for allowing us to borrow a few of her old dance costumes. I did get the fuzzy slides from Five Below. Lilah is NOT wearing them to dance in, but she is wearing them in between dances.  
I do think all of the girls did a fabulous job sticking within the guidelines and specifications per Mrs. Riley!
I sure wish I could share the videos of the dances, but I am NOT allowed to share videos until after Nationals, in July.
Next up, my girl is doing what she does best, HIP HOP.  I LOVE watching this style of dance SOOOO MUCH!
 Her team is dancing to J.J. Fad's song, "SuperSonic".
Look at that "tude".
They performed it multiple times.  Lilah's booty was sore the next day. LOL! It's a great workout.
The girls listen to Ms. Sammie critique the dance!
I equate dance competing vs. dance recitals to private school vs. public school. There is definitely more rules and dress codes and expectations. You are definitely held to a hire standard. It's not quite a hobby, but a working-love relationship, with future goals in mind! For instance, Lilah is required to have specific makeup colors. Fortunately, for Lilah, her mommy sells makeup and Mrs. Riley allowed me to color match the makeup that I sell to the makeup that is required.  Lilah's makeup literally lasted ALL DAY!
This is her favorite pose!
Lilah has been grateful for the new friends that come from being a part of a dance studio that is not really close to home... another side of town.  Lilah and Ella didn't know each other before this year, but are quickly bonding.  
Our first competition is in Roanoke and then in Charlotte.  I think it will be really fun and exciting, although may I add that this is by far the MOST EXPENSIVE "sport" we've ever done with any of our children!

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