Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Blowing Kisses Your Way!

Bubblegum! It's an all time favorite. So every year, when I spot these adorable, tester tubes filled with bubblegum, I grab them.
I've done a Valentines with bubblegum, in the past, my tag line was "Won't CHEW be mine!" So this year really last year, I wanted my tag line to be different. I decided on, "Blowing kisses your way!"
I just think this color combination is so cheery and SCREAMS Valentine's Day! This entire box was found at Sam's Club and was ONLY $9.99.
If you are an avid follower you already know this, but if you are here for the first time... I must say, just passing these test tubes out as is, wasn't enough for ME! I wanted MORE details.  
I normally make my own tags and printables, but I was running LOW on TIME, so I used this adorable and PERFECT tag from My Country Girl Ramblings' Blog. I printed the tag, removed the tag included, and attached the printed tag, to give it a more personal touch!  Caroline, the creator of this tag, used bubbles! I know kids love bubbles, but I think bubblegum is more exciting to receive. Either way, I am thankful for Caroline's willingness to share her creation.
See... it really wasn't that hard to make something a little more impressive for Jax and Lilah's friends. These particular Valentines were from Jax! ANY TIME you pass out any type of candy or gum, kids go nuts. This time, it was no exception.

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