Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Write or Happy?

Do you want to be RIGHT or HAPPY?!  It's a famous line I say to my children, but it's a good question for anyone to ask themselves. On day 6, our elves arrived bringing some ELF office supplies: pencils, pens, and erasers.  They did leave them a little PUN note.
I purchased the erasers at Target.  The pens and pencils came from Food Lion of all places.
Here are a few more pics (not the best quality, I apologize) of the elf supplies.
My kids were excited to bring these to school.
And when I went to their classroom party, I was excited to see that they were being put to good use.
So ask yourself today, DO YOU want to be RIGHT or HAPPY?  Sometimes, it feels better to STOP trying to prove yourself RIGHT and just be real/honest.  It might sting at first, but anytime you are real and honest, if feels so much better and results in happiness.

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