Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Valentine, Won't CHEW Be Mine?"

This is BY far my absolute favorite Valentine to date! It's just beyond creative and different from what you normally see.  I am so glad that Tyson is still willing to succumb to my requests.  By now, I'm pretty sure he's used to his momma and LOVES it! I'm sure by 5th grade, I'm doomed!

I had 8 projects to do and this was #5.  I am more than halfway done! So excited to finish the rest this week. The other projects are cooking/baking tasks.
 First, I took a picture of Tyson pretending to blow a bubble.
Then, I inserted a text box using Word Art in Word.
I had a TON of phrases I considered using.  Such as...

"Valentine, I chews you!"
"You blow my heart away!"
"Blowing you a kiss on Valentine's day!"
"Don't Burst My Bubble! Be Mine!!!"

As you can see, I chose this line,
"Valentine, Won't CHEW Be Mine?"
 The supplies you need for this project are
1. A cute kid willing to pretend to blow bubbles.
2. Card Stock or photo paper
3. Pink Water Balloons
4. Bubble Gum
5. Exacto Knife
6. Time & A Little Bit Of Patience.
 Cut a small slit in mouth.  NOT TOO BIG or balloon will fall out.
Blow up balloon and carefully pull the tied end from the mouth through the back of the print out. I have to say, I had a little fun cutting my son's lips off.  LOL!  Now maybe he won't talk back anymore.
The assemble card!
Insert bubble gum into cellophane bags (small ones), tie bag in a knot, and tape to the back of the card.

 I can't get enough of this beauty!
This photo is going to give me nightmares.  LOL!  Too many Tysons blowing bubble gum.  LOL! Ty was so impressed, he is really torn about whether to pass it out at school or church.