Sunday, December 23, 2018

Annie, The Musical, Orphan Gifts!

I'm clearly working a little backwards, but hey... I'm BLOGGING again.  LOL!  When you are involved in theater or any tight knit community event, you spend a ton of time together.  The bond is very unique.  You have quite a bit of down time, if you are not in the show the ENTIRE TIME. SO, Lilah not only had the experience of a lifetime by getting to do ANNIE, at Attic Productions, but she ALSO was able to meet so many new friends.  It was very hard to say goodbye.  We wanted to leave our orphan friends with some sweet mementos from us related to the play.

Since it is close to Christmas, I wanted it to be all about Annie with a touch of Christmas! So I stuffed everything into a Santa tin from the Dollar Tree. 
I purchased a collection of shortbread cookies from a woman NO WHERE close to home.  As soon as I retrieve her info, I will place it here.  She is INCREDIBLE AND CAN do ANYTHING, cookie wise, that I know of! The cookies were an NYC scene, Annie with Sandy the Dog, the iconic Annie dress, and just Annie's name.  I can't even pick ONE favorite. I love them ALL.
Inside the Santa bucket, I reused the cutest "Hard Knock Life Buckets" that I use forLilah's OPENING NIGHT, PREPARTY, (still to be posted about...) that I created just for her.  These are truly the PERFECT addition to ANY ANNIE themed party.  I just inserted a little chocolate cash and gold coins to sorta go with the "Daddy Warbuck's" million theme.   
Each bucket came complete with a "mop"  Oh I as obsessed with these.  I purchased them from the cutest little ETSY shop called, Festiva Party Design.
Each girl received a special Annie locket from Justice.  I desperately wanted to buy ALL of the girls the same locket.  I loved the red locket featured below, but they didn't have 12 lockets all the same.  The only other thing working against me were that some of the orphans were slightly older and I believe the red locket may have been a little too childlike for them.  SO, I purchased a nice selection of them.
Our Daddy Warbuck's, Jeff, was just the sweetest man EVER! It was hard seeing him in such a touch/bold character, for a time, but eventually his heart was moved towards the love he had for Annie and eventually became a softy.  Hehe.  I am not saying he is a softy in real life, but he is a sweetheart.  I designed a million dollar, Russle Stover, chocolate bar after him.  
More cookies and lockets....
Finally, each girl received ONE collectors pin related to a scene in the Annie musical.  These were also so amazing that I could NOT pick a favorite.  I did however buy Lilah every single orphan pin.  This was her LAST ANNIE gift! Since the show was three weekend, back to back, each opening night, I gifted her something special.  Stay tuned... YES! I will share each gift.  NOT ONE is better than the other. They are all unique and sentimental. These pins were also found on an ETSY shop called, Musical Keepsakes. "Oh My Goodness", literally, if you are in theater or have a family member or friend in theater... this is the ETSY SHOP for YOU! She has ENDLESS, creative, unique, and sentimental gifts for all ages.
And there you have it.  It was truly the sweetest bucket of Annie goodies I could have imagined giving out.  The orphans, young and old, were so very appreciative.  We even saw "Molly" out the other day and she had her necklace on.  Momma said, "She barely takes it off!"
I attached this little tag to each bucket! 
That morning, our elves left MINI Annie cookies in the car, the "Oh My Goodness" pin, and a Sandy the Dog ornament from Altard State.  Man those elves are creative and have amazing taste in stores [insert crying emoji here].
Lilah wished for ONE thing from Santa.  She wished for a sister.  I think this production beat what Santa could ever give to her.  She not only received one new sister, she received 11 new sisters.  This was the greatest experience to date, since she's been alive.  I am not sure anything will ever top this. Ok, we all know there are more good things to come, but this is a HUGE moment in both HER LIFE and MINE.

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