Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Ty Welcomes 8th Grade!

My first born started his last year of middle school, yesterday.  YES! That means, that next year around this time, I will have a high schooler.  I can't take it. We didn't make a big deal out of his first day.  He's just too cool to be bothered.  He did pick out his outfit.  Ty's shirt was brand new, from Hollister Company, but his jeans and shoes were not. I think he wore both about 2 times. You can find this tie-dye logo, graphic tee here.
His book bag came from Nike.  He chose the Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack. When it arrived, I was slightly bummed. The website says, "White, Metallic, Cool Grey", but it is DEFINITELY more white. I can't wait to see how dirty this thing gets.  
As you may already recall, I do back-to-school photos a few days before school (or at the very latest the day before), but this year, I ran out of time with Tyson.  AKA Fort Nite ruins everything.  He truly gave me 35 seconds to snap photos, on the first day of school.
 I'm actually pretty pleased.  He's looked sharp! I still can't believe I have a teenager.  
I did do my traditional locker decorating/organizing for him, BUT Ty was at church and could't come with me, so I surprised him! When he got home, he asked for photos and I said, "Photos of what?"  He said, "Did you take any pics of what my locker looks like?" (Kid knows me well). I said, "NO!  I Just put your stuff in there and left." SO, he was quite surprise, but not surprised that that wasn't true.  He knows where his bread is buttered.
Darren came with me and I was so glad.  Ty's football coach let us in, on Sunday, and he lead us to the 7th grade floor, so his locker combination wasn't working for that reason. Notice the change in locker colors? Ty's were supposed to be maroon.   
I organized his binders in rainbow color order, maroon, green, forest green, navy, and black.  Yes, I know, it may not stay that way, but I still had to do it. I included snacks: life savers for stinky breath, jolly ranchers, ice cubes gum, mini lara bars, cheez-itz gripz, and double bubble gum.  
 I also left him a note with my cute, lipstick washi tape.  
 I meant to ask him if that embarrassed him.  Haha.  
He said that people were already grubbing off of him.  Sigh... So I am just projecting these items will  not last long.  LOL!   

I pray Ty's year is amazing. We want him to show love and kindness to all, to serve his teachers, and the teams he plays on to the fullest, and to work hard to receive the best grades he is capable of.  It goes without saying, but my biggest hope is that the Lord uses him to share the love of Christ with anyone and that he doesn't shrink back from being a rebel for Jesus, instead of a rebel for the world.

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