Monday, August 13, 2018

"Apples" For Mrs. Meredith - From Jax

Jax's gift was all about apples.  I know, I know! Teachers probably HATE apples, but I couldn't RESIST. I designed the adorable tag above too!
The little bucket, pencils, and post-it refills are from Target. I included a fresh, ripe, beautiful, red apple and some Marzetti caramel dipping sauce.  
Technically, we could have stopped at gift one.  This gift was just a little extra because I FELL. IN. LOVE. with the post-it note holder.  
#Learn #Encourage #Teach #Inspire #Grow
If you would like to replicate this gift, I am offering my free printable to you.  Just click here.

I have never looked up the meaning behind why apples are given, but my guess is.... "Fresh" Fruit / Fresh Start?  Haha.  I am probably NO WHERE close to the WHY!  Now, I am intrigued and will use google to learn about it.

Update: This is ONE theory.  I am not a BIG reader, so I stop HERE. 

"According to Gourmet, in the 1700s, poor families in Denmark and Sweden gave teachers baskets of apples as payment for their children's educations. ... If your school allows it, giving a teacher an apple is still a kind way to show a teacher your appreciation!"

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