Monday, August 13, 2018

Back-To-School Lunch! (2018/2019)

I didn't get an opportunity to go to "Back-To-School" Night, so I have NO IDEA what time lunch is for the twins. Darren went, but didn't take any notes.  Oh well! I hope their snack was BIG enough to hold them over. 

Each kid had the SAME lunch, give or take a little something: a sandwich, fresh fruit, chips, and dessert.  I gave each kid a special, school supply surprise too! 
Above: Lilah received a "squish-mees", panda bear pen! It will match her book bag.
Below: Jax received a "squish-mees", ice cream sandwich pen!
Ty received a pack of "Xtra-Fun", colorful pencils and white eraser toppers.
Hopefully receiving this in his lunch box didn't embarrass him.  I will soon find out.  
I hope it made them all #HAPPY, like their napkin reads. Again, nothing over the top, I think those days are over, but still sweet and special.  

To drink? Water!!!!  I took the ugly labels off and made my own "Back-To-School" water bottle labels, with scrapbook paper!

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