Monday, August 13, 2018

First Day Of School Snack Time!

Today was the first day back-to-school and I wanted to make my kids' snacks and lunches a little special. I normally get new sets of containers, from Pottery Barn Kids, but I ran short on time this year.  So, when I spotted these sistema "split" containers, I grabbed them.  I absolutely love that I can put fruit on one side and caramel on the other, or salsa and chips, or peanut butter and celery etc...
 I got one in every color so that I could be sure each kid had one.  
Today, snack time consisted of Check Mix and apples with caramel!
I left the twins a small surprise, in their snack bag.  Jax's snack bag had these funny, emoji erasers from Claire's.  I paid $4.99. A bit pricey, but they will last a while and through a minimum of five pencils.
This oversized eraser came from FIVE BELOW, and reads, "for HUGE mistakes!"
I packaged it up with some rope and a cute printable. "Happy New School Year!"
Those few items came along with a NEW, NIKE snack bag and a NEW, emoji water bottle!!!!
Lilah's surprise erasers also came from Claire's.  Check them out here.  I paid $3.99.  Aren't they just PERFECT for a mini Lip-Boss.
I got Lilah the "always right" eraser. It's true not true, hehe, even IF she thinks so.
I am so sorry the photos, in this post, are POOR quality.  I was taking them in the dark, with my iPhone, at like 5:00 a.m.  I just ran out of time to photograph everything.  School started TWO weeks early this year.
Little stinker came down too early, this morning, and saw her water bottle. She was so excited.  Oh well! At least she didn't see the other items.
I am sure this made them smile! It's nothing MAJOR, just something little, to remind them that I love them.  I did NOT put anything in Ty's snack bag other than food and a drink.  I didn't want to distract or embarrass him.  

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