Monday, August 13, 2018

"Apples" For Mrs. Meredith From Lilah!

If you do not GET the tag line, on the bag below, you didn't grow up in the 90s.
Lilah and Jax ALWAYS give ONE gift to their teacher because they share a classroom however, this year, they gave Mrs. Meredith two gifts! This post is about the gift Lilah gave to her. 
Above: Art, from Hobby Lobby, that reads, "What I love most about my classroom is who I share it with!"  This sign is BEYOND perfect after what happened a few weeks back. See video below.  
If it wasn't already obvious, above, the twins got different teachers this year.  THEY HAVE NEVER been separated.  Duh, they are WOMBMATES. This came as a total shock to me, but the school has a new principal and she just didn't know that that has always been the case. They have SINCE been awarded the same teacher.  
I absolutely LOVE the bag that I had "Four Seasons Gifts" make for me.  

"On the playground is where I spend most of my days!"

Like I said, if you didn't live in the 90s, then you wouldn't get the bag because you've probably never watched the Fresh Price of Bel Air.
I filled the bag with a nice collection of colorful office supplies.  
I used magnetic letters, from the Dollar Spot at Target, to customize the beautiful notebook.
I love the way it all turned out. 
I asked Carmen, the owner of Four Seasons, to use navy glitter vinyl.  The kids' school colors are blue and yellow.  
I created a little tag that included some more of the lyrics to the sitcom's song...
I realize that fourth grade teachers really spend most of their time in a classroom, but I couldn't resist.
No more tears, just kisses!! These two... what will they do when they get married.  LOL!
I hope Ms. Meredith enjoys her gift from Lilah! Check out Four Seasons Gifts! Carmen can create or design almost anything your little heart desires. Stay tuned for a post on what Jax gave to his teacher.

If you'd like to copy the gift idea, please feel free to click here for the printable that I made, here.  If you use it, I'd love for you to send me a photo to I always love to see the twist people put on other's ideas.

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